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The Patrol personnel are the first responders to calls for service and the "front line" of the San Ramon Police Department. The Patrol Division is the most visible and what the community sees of our police department on a daily basis. The officers assigned to this division are courteous, professional, dedicated and responsive to the needs of the City of San Ramon. The primary function of the Patrol Division is to provide core police services to the community.

Patrol Division is responsible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week response to citizen-initiated calls for service, in addition to officer-initiated activity. Some functions performed by the Patrol Division are preventive patrol, preliminary criminal investigations, traffic enforcement; and response to all emergency situations, accident investigations, and ensuring the safety and security in and around all school zones. The Patrol Division works closely in partnership with other SRPD units, governmental agencies, and community organizations to solve crime problems at the neighborhood level.

The city is divided into five areas, known as “beats”, and police officers are assigned a beat every workday. To augment specific patrol duties, the Patrol Division utilizes three canines and their handlers.

Twenty-seven officers and five corporals provide the first response to calls for police assistance. Six sergeants, also known as Field Supervisors, provide leadership and training for all patrol officers. Patrol sergeants are responsible for all field operations and command critical incidents.

Every San Ramon police officer not only patrols a beat and responds to calls for service, but is also assigned to a school located in their beat area. This program is called "My Beat - My School" and was developed to enhance our level of service and to forge a better relationship with our schools and the youth.Officer Espiritu talks with a young boy at National Night Out.

Patrol Division police officers are thoroughly trained to investigate a multitude of crimes. Officers receive ongoing training with CPR/First-Aid, firearms, self-defense, ethics, defensive driving, search and seizure, interviewing, testifying, and new state and federal laws. Through this training and in-service experience, patrol officers have the expertise and tools necessary to provide the highest quality police service to the citizens of San Ramon.

Fill out an emergency Patrol Request or call (925) 973-2700.  Requests will be conducted on a priority basis.