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CSS System Update

Citizen Self Service is being updated with new log in procedures! All current users must re-register using the instructions below.

Citizen Self Service Updated Registration Instructions
  1. Go to Citizen Self Service (CSS) at Click “Login or Register”. You will receive an alert that you are being taken to the new registration site. Read the message and click “Continue”.


  2. There will be options to sign in to the Community Access Services
    •  You may select one of the sign in options at the top ONLY IF that email address is the same email you’ve used for your CSS account. You will be directed to that sign in portal to complete the registration.
    • If you do not want to use one of the sign in options, enter the same email address you have used for CSS previously and select “Create an account”.

    Sign-in options

  3. If you did not use a social sign in option, complete the required fields and you will receive a verification code in your email to confirm your account. Enter the verification code and click “Verify”.


  4. After entering your verification code, or successfully logging in using a social sign in option, you will be directed back to CSS and prompted to review your contact information. Update as needed or click “Continue” if the information looks correct.
  5. After confirming your account information, your usual dashboard will appear, and the process is complete.



Why do I need to re-register my Citizen Self Service (CSS) account?
We have updated our login process to enhance the security of CSS. This requires you to re-register.
What if I don’t know the email address attached to my CSS account?

You can call any of the numbers listed below, and staff will be able to look up your account information.

Permit Center: (925) 973-2580
Business License: (925) 973-2510

When I re-register my account will my old permits and plans be linked to the new account?
Yes, after you finish the re-registration, you will see the same account as before.
If I use a social login tool to re-register (Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook), will I be able to login with my email account another day?
If you re-register using Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook you will need to continue to use the same login method each time.
What if I don’t see any of my permits or plans after re-registering?
Check to make sure you are using the same email that you use currently. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Permit Center: (925) 973-2580
Business License: (925) 973-2510