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San Ramon’s robust talent pool and workforce, and its wide range of affordable and flexible commercial real estate options, make it a prime location for companies from a variety of industries. Businesses of all sizes have successfully made San Ramon their home and enjoy the support of the community.

A number of small businesses abound in our city. San Ramon is also home to a number of high technology companies, ranging from entrepreneurial startups to international companies with thousands of customers worldwide such as SAP America, IBM, AT&T, Toshiba, GE Digital, Blackberry and Five9. San Ramon is the corporate headquarters of Chevron Corporation and technology leaders Accela and Five9 are headquartered in San Ramon, as well as 24-Hour Fitness, the third largest fitness club franchise in the world with gyms in the United States and Asia. 

Craft brewers, bioscience, software, hardware, and clean energy companies contribute ideas, inventions, and products that positively affect the local economy and better life for everyone. Innovation is encouraged here and the next generation of cutting edge technology is right around the corner.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m thinking of starting a business in San Ramon. Who should I contact?

The City of San Ramon does not have one central vendors list. However, a Department that purchases the same goods and services frequently may have a list of vendors they tend to use for those purchases.

We encourage you to keep checking our Requests for Proposals page and Public Works Construction Projects page for any current projects that may be open, and subscribe to RFP emails to be notified whenever the RFP page is updated.

Are there local business groups who can help me?
Where should I locate my business?
How can I find out which licenses and permits I need for my business?
Will I need a business license from the City of San Ramon?
What are the requirements to establish a business in my home?
Who can help me recruit qualified employees?
Who can I contact for business loans?
How do I become a vendor for the City of San Ramon?