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The City of San Ramon is happy to continue to support the Boy Scouts and Girls Scout of America with one of their core activities, allowing troop members to earn their Eagle Scout/Gold Awards. One of the primary purposes of the Eagle Scout/Gold Award service project is to demonstrate and hone, or learn and develop leadership skills by identifying a need within the community that the scout can address throughout the project. Related to this is the motivation in learning important lessons in project management, taking the responsibility for a significant accomplishment, and securing adequate funding for the project.

The following information will assist you to get your project started with the City of San Ramon. Please complete the Eagle Scout/Gold Award Project Application, which will provide us with necessary information about your proposed project and will help ensure that the project is started in a timely manner. Please return the completed application, to the Volunteer Supervisor (9300 Alcosta Blvd. or Upon approval of your application, the City will contact you with further information concerning the scope and details of the project, and other requirements of the project including submittal of a completed Volunteer Application.

Eagle Scout/Gold Award Application
Volunteer Application 

Contacting City of San Ramon

San Ramon wants you to be successful at completing your project. To ensure that this happens, you will need to make contact frequently with the City staff who has been assigned to your project. You will be informed of the person to contact. For general questions about the project or program, please contact the Volunteer Supervisor at or call (925) 973-3207.

Funding the Project

A portion of your project may be fundraising for a portion of the funds needed to complete the project. The City of San Ramon can provide some funding for approved projects; however, not all project will be 100% funded by the City. Scouts should attempt to secure support for the project through donations of time, material and/or money from members of the community and local businesses whenever possible.

Project Ideas

The City of San Ramon receives many requests each year to provide Eagle Scout/Gold Award projects. Please remember, it is the responsibility of the Scout, in keeping with the spirit of the project, to approach the City with their own idea for a project and then to work closely with the City in implementing the proposal. Proposed projects should be mutually beneficial to the Scout and the City and address an identified need for the community. We invite you to tour the City, looking for areas that need improvement and where you can make a difference.

The project ideas below are samples of previously completed projects and are very general, with the intention to encourage the Scout to take an opportunity to recognize and identify possibilities. Please keep in mind that the City of San Ramon will not approve general maintenance projects, such as curb painting, cleaning parks, trails maintenance, ditches, etc., unless they are approved first by the Scout's leaders and the Scout Council.

Examples of Projects Previously Completed

• Tree planting
• Trail markers
• Deer and split rail fencing
• Dog waste containers at parks and trails
• Picnic tables and benches
• Build and install benches on hiking trails
• Owl/bat nesting boxes

List of Completed Eagle Scout Projects

Application Process

Please begin to plan your project and complete the Eagle Scout/Gold Award Application immediately. As soon as we have the necessary information, we can begin the process of assisting you with your project. Upon approval of the project, the scout must complete the volunteer application and return it to the Volunteer Supervisor. A volunteer application will be required for all individuals assisting with the project. Please note that the City of Ramon is unable to consider projects for individuals who reside outside of San Ramon or who are within six (6) months of their 18th birthday. Please return the completed application, to the Volunteer Supervisor (9300 Alcosta Blvd. or If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Supervisor at (925) 973-3207.