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City of San Ramon
Open Space Advisory Committee’s

Vision for Preserving Contiguous Open Space

Panoramic view of San Ramon and surrounding hills from a vista

Since its inception, the City of San Ramon and the community have effectively preserved open space and the vistas surrounding the City’s residential and commercial core. In 2013, a plan prioritizing the preservation of open space to the west and east of the City was adopted. A large amount of open space has been protected over the years, but much remains to be done to ensure permanent preservation.

 Open Space Preservation Map 2022

Continuing and enhancing past efforts, the Open Space Advisory Committee has updated and broadened the vision for protecting open space and the rural character of the City's Planning Area.  Involved is more than 8,750 acres in the Westside Hills, Crow/Bollinger Canyons and Tassajara Valley. The Open Space Advisory Committee’s Vision for Preserving Contiguous Open Space proposes an aspirational, long-term vision to:

  • Retain vistas, natural areas, eco-services and other benefits of open space and the rural character of the City’s Planning Area.
  • Provide access to open space, especially for hiking.
  • Enhance partnerships with East Bay Regional Park District, other agencies, landowners & residents.

A Vision for Preserving Contiguous Open Space (with recommendations)

View the Vision for Preservjavascript:void(0)ation for Contiguous Open Space

The Open Space Advisory Committee appreciates feedback! To provide your feedback or comment on the efforts of the Open Space Advisory Committee, please email [email protected].