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What is a Temporary Use Permit?

A Temporary Use Permit authorizes certain short-term activities conducted on private property such as, but not limited to, temporary outdoor sales, private outdoor events, and seasonal sales lots for Halloween pumpkin sales and Christmas tree sales.   

Any temporary uses located on public property and/or in the public right-of-way are reviewed through a Special Events Permit, issued by the City of San Ramon Parks and Community Services Department. Planning staff provide comments to Parks and Community Services staff on temporary signage associated with a Special Events Permit, as necessary.

Application Review:

A  complete Temporary Use Permit Application may take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for review.  The Application typically requires review and approval by the following City departments and/or outside agencies prior to a decision by the Zoning Administrator on the application:

  • San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Review: All temporary use permit applications.
  • Police Department Review: All temporary use permit applications.
  • Engineering Division Review: If traffic, circulation, parking, and drainage/stormwater related review is necessary.
  • Building and Safety Division Review: All temporary use permit applications.

Typical Submittal Requirements:

  1. A completed Application form signed by the property owner or authorized agent.
  2. Application fee, payable to the City of San Ramon.
  3. Cleaning deposit, payable to the City of San Ramon, as determined by project planner.
  4. Written description of proposed temporary use, including but not limited to overview of project, reason for use, timeline of events, day(s) and hour(s) of operation, and description of project equipment and materials.
  5. Project site plan including location of temporary use, all temporary signage, and project equipment and materials.
  6. Temporary sign permit application for advertising and/or promotional signs with sign specifications, as determined by project planner.
  7. Additional information, as determined by project planner.

Application Information

Please contact the Planning Services Division at (925) 973-2560 to speak with a planner about specific submittal requirements, Application fees, and review timelines for a Temporary Use Permit Application. The application form is provided below: