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French Flag

67.8 million

Land area: 210,668 sq mi

Capital: Paris

Languages: French


Clair de Lune

This video showcases Will Last, Junior at Monte Vista, playing Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy, a French composer, which is the most famous of all of his pieces. This piece translates to mean "light of the moon" because its fast moving, emotional lines remind those who listen to it about moonlight, and even a nighttime stroll.


Crêpes: a French Tradition and an American Treat

Cate and Delaney make traditional French crêpes to showcase the significance this breakfast dish has on French cuisine and culture. They will be talking about the history of crêpes and how they have not only become an important staple in French cuisine, but also how they have impacted us as Americans today.


The French Language and its Influence

Luke Horsfall explains how the French language has had an affect on English. Certain words and pronunciations from French were adopted by English nobility during the Norman invasion and have stuck with us to this day.