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Below are the some of the City owned public art projects in San Ramon

Upcoming Public Art Projects

San Ramon Library Pubic Art Project

The San Ramon Library Public Art Project is currently underway in the design phase with the selected artist WOWHAUS. The location has been chosen on the outdoor patio on the northwest entrance to the San Ramon Library facing Bollinger Canyon Road and Market Place. For more information on the project contact Adam Chow at [email protected].

Bronze Eagle

Brian Keith Eagle Rendering

Nationally-known artist Brian Keith (b. 1971), who has earned recognition for his bronze works of art, is taking on a new project in the City of San Ramon and is on pace to build the largest bronze of a Golden Eagle in the State of California.

The Eagle is symbolic of freedom and the majesty of flight. Because the Tri-Valley is home to the fully protected species, the Golden Eagle, Keith seeks to capture the eagle’s nobility in his trademark artistic shape and design.  Poised in defense, wings outstretched and curved in a protective pose, the San Ramon Eagle will be among the largest bronze eagle sculptures on display in the nation – and the largest in the State of California.