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Domestic violence or assault by a person who is known to the victim, including domestic violence or assault by a person who is the spouse of the victim, is a crime.

  1. OFFICER ARREST (836PC) The San Ramon Police Department is committed to protecting victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is criminal conduct; it shall be investigated as any other crime of violence. In incidents of domestic violence, an arrest can be made by the officer in cases of felony or misdemeanor assault.
  2. CITIZEN’S ARREST (837PC) In certain cases, officers cannot make an arrest themselves, but you can make a citizen’s arrest. The officer will inform you about how to safely arrest the batterer. In most cases, the officer will be able to take the batterer to jail.
  3. CITATION & RELEASE (853.6PC) If the officer determines there is not a reasonable likelihood that the offense will continue or resume, or the safety of persons or property would be imminently endangered by release of the person arrested, the officer may cite and release him/her. The officer will write the case file number on this form. Keep this form for future reference; i.e., when talking to a police agency, seeking legal advise and shelter, pressing charges or if the violence should occur again, etc.
  4. CONSIDER YOUR OWN SAFETY In some instances, the offender will be released from jail and may return. You should consider your own safety needs as well as your children’s needs and seek shelter with friends, or public accommodations, if appropriate.
    Law enforcement presents cases to the District Attorney’s Office for case disposition. Although victim cooperation is helpful, the decision as to whether charges are filed in a reported domestic violence incident lies with the District Attorney's Office. NOT THE VICTIM. The District Attorney will also make the decision about how prosecution will proceed, i.e., issue arrest warrant, felony or misdemeanor, etc.
    Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office

    District Attorney:

    • West County (510) 231-1800
    • Central/East (925) 646-4770
    • Contra Costa County (925) 957-2231


A. SUPERIOR COURT ORDERS (13701(F) PC) You have the right to go to the Superior Court and file a petition re-questioning any of the following orders for relief at no cost:

  1. An order restraining the attacker from abusing you and other family members.
  2. An order directing the attacker to leave the household.
  3. An order preventing the attacker from entering your residence, your school, business or place of
  4. An order awarding you or the other parent custody or visitation with minor children.
  5. An order restraining the attacker from molesting or interfering with minor children, in your custody.
  6. An order directing the party not granted custody to pay support of minor children, if that party has a legal obligation to do so.
  7. An order directing the defendant to make specified debt payment.
  8. An order directing that either or both parties participate in counseling.

You have the right to file a civil suit for losses as a result of the abuse, including medical expenses for injuries sustained and damage to property and any other related expenses incurred by the victim or any agency that shelters the victim.

For information about the California victim’s compensation program, contact: (800) 777-9229


Sexual assault by a person who is known to the victim, including sexual assault by a person who is the spouse of the victim, is a crime. If you are a victim of sexual assault, go to a safe place immediately and call the police. Do not clean up in any way until you talk to the police.

  • Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse (925) 646-4770


Who can obtain a restraining order? Anyone who has been threatened, harassed, abused or assaulted, whether or not you’re married, and whether or not you live with the person. How much does it cost? There is no court fee for restraining orders resulting from violence.

Serving the defendant: Any adult, not a party to the action, may serve the defendant, but before making that decision, the threat of violence should be considered. If you receive any kind of Government Aid: AFDC, SSI, Food Stamps, or if you work but you don't have enough to live on, you can request a fee waiver from the Judge, then ask the Sherriff’s Office Civil Division to serve the defendant.

Who can help in obtaining a restraining order? The Domestic Violence Restraining Order Clinic can assist you with domestic violence orders.

Appointments are required for Pittsburg & Martinez Call (888) 215-5555. Locations open 8 am - 3 pm:

  • Pittsburg: Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Martinez: Wednesdays

Richmond: Mondays (in line by 8:30 am cut off at 9:30 am) & Fridays (in line by 8:30 am cut off at 9 am) (No appointment needed)

Richmond Superior Court
100 37th Street Richmond, CA
(510) 374-3137

How long does it take to get a Restraining Order? It’s possible to get a Temporary Restraining Order within 4 hours or it may take as long as 3 days.

What do I do if the Restraining Order is violated? 1. Call the police having jurisdiction where the violation of the restraining order occurred. 2. Ask that a formal report be taken. 3. When a violation of a domestic violence restraining occurs, the violator shall be arrested.

EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER (EPO): If you are in immediate threat of danger, you may request an EPO from the police. EPO’s are issued when court is not in session. There is no charge. The order is valid for 5 court days, not counting the day the order is issued. VIOLATING A RESTRAINING ORDER IS A CRIME!


For advice about your immediate problem, for further information about a shelter, other services in the community, and their availability, you may contact any of the following agencies. Feel free to request shelters which are located far from your home. You may be safer if you are harder to find.

  • STAND! (Formerly known as Battered Women’s Alternatives)
    Contra Costa County 24Hr. Hotline (888) 215-5555
  • RAPE CRISIS: (510) 237-0113
  • 24 HOUR ABUSE HOTLINE: (877) 839-4347
  • MEN’S HELP HOTLINE: (415) 924-1070
  • STAND! Offenders Program (925) 676-2968
  • BAY AREA LEGAL ASSISTANCE:(800) 551-5554


  • C.C.C. BAR ASSOCIATION: (Attorney referral panel) (925) 686-6900


  • Alcoholics Anonymous (925) 939-4155 (Contra Costa County)
  • Al-Anon/Al-Ateen (925) 932-6770 Support for families/teens (Contra Costa County


In some incidents of domestic violence where children are present and/or involved, “Children & Family Services” (CFS) may be notified (P.C. 11166). The mission of CFS is to protect children from abuse and neglect (i.e., witnessing abuse and/or bring put in harm’s way), and to promote the well-being of children and families. CFS has the ability to provide you with supportive services that can assist you in the development of a plan to ensure the safety of all members of your family, including access to services such as counseling, substance abuse treatment, anger management classes, and parent education. In those situations where children cannot and/or are not being cared for by their families due to safety issues, CFS can place the children in a safe family environment and help you and your family take the steps necessary to reunite with your children.

CFS Believes:


24 HOUR Child Abuse Hotlines:

  • Child Abuse: For all of Contra Costa County (877) 881-1116
    Central (925) 646-1680
  • Crisis Nursery (0-5 yr. olds): (925) 685-8052 (6-11 yr. olds) (925) 685-3695
  • Suicide/School Violence/Crisis Center: (800) 863-7600


The Department of Homeland Security has created a U Visa. This Visa allows for undocumented immigrant victims of certain violent crimes to report crime to police without fear of removal (deportation).

  • Contact STAND! Hot Line (888) 215-5555