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The City of San Ramon is at the forefront of Emergency Management. The City of San Ramon Office of Emergency Management falls under the scope of the Police Department and is part of the Community Resource Division. The Office of Emergency Management has a detailed Emergency Operations Plan in place should a significant event occur in or around San Ramon.

This Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) is over 500 pages in length and encompasses all aspects of the City of San Ramon’s Emergency Management planning. It includes preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery planning for the entire City. A portion of the EOP is dedicated to the management and operations of the City of San Ramon Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In accordance with City Ordinance and State Government Code (pdf), the City of San Ramon maintains an Emergency Operations Center that is the single location from which all city resources are managed during response to an emergency. The City of San Ramon maintains both a primary EOC and secondary EOC. This ensures a backup if the primary EOC is unavailable due to a disaster. Once construction of our new EOC within our Public Safety Center is completed in 2022, the City of San Ramon will have a dedicated facility for emergency management for use during a disaster or critical incident.

Annually, a training and exercise plan is created, approved and executed according to the City of San Ramon Emergency Preparedness Strategic Plan (pdf). City staff have been trained on the California Standardized Emergency Management System, the National Incident Management System, and the City Emergency Operations Plan. Training remains a current theme to keep staff ready to respond. Annual drills and regular exercises help staff remain involved and aware of the tasks ahead of them during and after an emergency.

Every San Ramon employee is a designated Disaster Service Worker. If a large scale event occurs, and it directly affects the City of San Ramon, all of our employees will be required to respond to San Ramon and assist in the response and recovery efforts. To manage the emergency and all the city resources, San Ramon will set up its EOC 24 hours a day. It will remain operational until the event has stabilized and the primary response and recovery stages are completed. The main function of our Emergency Operation Center will be to plan and coordinate the response and recovery efforts by City of San Ramon employees. Support for response will come from outside agencies as needed. This is known as mutual aid. If outside support is necessary, the EOC staff will coordinate these resources and any support from state or federal responders.

As you can imagine, this type of response requires a significant amount of planning and coordination but, this is exactly what our Emergency Operation Center will do. Throughout the response and recovery process, San Ramon employees inside the EOC will be continually assessing the needs of the community, planning the necessary responses, and coordinating the resources needed to accomplish the goals set in place.

It is also important that you and your household are ready for a disaster. We recommend at a minimum, you maintain 72 hours of supplies in your household. Although 72 hours is the minimum, a week’s worth of supplies would be better. For numerous suggestions on emergency preparedness for you home, please visit This website explains the collaborative preparedness work that has been accomplished by the City of San Ramon, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Town of Danville, and Contra Costa County. Together we have gathered recommendations on household supplies, planning documents, special needs assistance, resources, and numerous other areas to consider so you can make sure you and your families are ready should a disaster hit the San Ramon area.

If you have any questions regarding the Emergency Management for the City of San Ramon please contact Captain Denton Carlson of the San Ramon Police Department at [email protected].