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FLEX Registration

Introducing San Ramon’s FLEX Registration option

The Parks and Community Services Department is excited to announce the FLEX Registration option. This will allow you the flexibility to take a variety of fitness classes without having to register for a full session. Attend the classes you want when you want!

  • Participants can still register for the full session of a class or choose the drop-in Flex option.
  • FLEX Registration is ideal if your schedule fluctuates or you enjoy taking a variety of classes.

Flex Registration is easy. Each class that accepts Flex Registration has its own unique activity number. You can register online by finding the class name which will also have ‘FLEX’ in the title. You can access a calendar through online registration and pay for the dates you want to attend. You can pay for 1 class date per transaction OR pay for many classes at once.

Classes that utilize Flex Registration include: Ballet with Deb Saravia, Dance Fusion with Deb Saravia, Belly Dance Classes with Susanne (Tatseena) Dennis, Bombay Jam with Priya Vasudevan and  Lunch Break Yoga with Susan Green 

Benefits & Cost

Benefits include not paying for an entire session and then losing money when you are unable to attend certain days. You can pay for only the classes you want to attend. You can register for many dates far in advance or simply register for the class the same day you know you want to attend!

The per class rate does vary based on the specific class:

  • Dance classes with Deb Saravia are $14.50/per class
  • Dance classes with Susanne Tatseena Dennis are $12.50/per class
  • Bombay Jam with Priya Vasudevan are $12/per class
  • Lunch time Yoga Classes with Susan Green are $12/per class.


Is the drop-in option right for you?

  • Have to travel frequently?
  • Seem to always miss 2 or more classes each session?
  • Want to try a new class without committing to multiple weeks? Then this program is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FLEX Reg?
Flex Reg is the option where customers can pay for single classes (like a drop in program) for specific classes, enabling them to have a flexible schedule and not commit/pay for an entire session.

Can I use Flex Reg on any program?
No, only certain adult dance/fitness classes utilize the Flex Reg option.

What if I arrive to class and I have forgotten to pay and sign up?
You will not be able to participate in class if you have not registered. If an exception needs to be made, it is possible to register and pay for a class once it is over or the very next day.  

General Questions: For more information about Fitness classes with the flex program, please contact Steve Cox at or (925) 973-3207.  For more information about Dance classes with the Flex program, please contact Erika Valentine at [email protected] or (925) 973-3205.