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If you are interested in applying for a Special Event Permit in the City of San Ramon, you must complete the Special Event Permit Application (below), sign the Waiver of Liability and complete a written description on a separate document that addresses all nineteen (19) items listed in the application. Not all nineteen (19) items will apply to every permit. The Special Event Permit Application is designed for all events covered by Ordinance No. 231

Download the San Ramon Special Event Permit Application

> Download the San Ramon Special Event Permit Packet


This application process is separate from the facility and park rental process. If you are interested in renting one of our parks and/or facilities for your special event, please click here to inquire about park and facility rentals. If you are interested in coordinating a public event, such as a charity walk or other event that will include the use of City streets or require City staff resources (for example: police assistance), you will need a special event permit. Special Event Permits adhere to strict regulations, and may require insurance, a $600 permit fee, as well as additional fees for City staff resources, when applicable.