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Fun on the Farm

Saturdays from 11am to 2pm

Fun on the Farm Activities are FREE crafts and activities that highlight farm life and the late Victorian era.  These Saturday events are an opportunity to step back into history and enjoy the simple things of life.  
*Special events hosted by the San Ramon Historic Foundation are fee-based programs that require registration and will be indicated as such.


Jul 2nd – Closed for 4th of July Weekend. Check out the 4th of July  Concert at San Ramon Central Park on July 4.

Jul 9th – Clothespin Bugs

Discover what bugs and butterflies visit the garden. Learn about the life cycle of butterflies. Make your own butterfly craft.

July 16th – Laundry Day

Fill the tubs with water and haul out the laundry. It’s time to wash the clothes.  Learn why families set aside a whole day for this chore. See some of the vintage laundry equipment from our collection. Dress to get wet!

Jul 23rd – Food Painting & Stamping

Fruits and vegetables come in different shapes and sizes. Learn about hidden shapes in common food. Stamp your own card.

Jul 30th - Old Fashion Ice Cream

It’s National Ice Cream Month!  Come learn how this sweet treat came to be.  Help us make our own homemade ice cream and sample this frosty favorite!


 Aug 6th –  Chickens

Did you know there are 53 breeds of chickens?  Visit the farm and see what breeds we have in our coop, learn about the chicken lifecycle and make a chicken windsock to take home.

Aug 13th – Kaleidoscopes

The kaleidoscope was invented in 1817 and became popular in the Victorian era.  The word kaleidoscope loosely means “beautiful form watcher”.  Join us in making a kaleidoscope to take home to create your own beauty.

Aug 20th – Rope Making

Make rope the old-fashioned way with our replica antique machine and use it to create some fun and useful knots. Then use an old-fashioned machine to test your strength hoisting a hale bale and then see how easy it is to use pulleys to help with farm work.

Aug 27th – Yarn Art

Victorians used what was available to them and made the most of it.  One of the Victorian traditions was to use hair to make art!  Come learn about this old art and use yarn to make your own art.


Sept 3 - CLOSED for Labor Day

Sept 10 - Apple Pressing

It is apple season! Come taste a variety of apples grown organically and help crush them in our apple press to make fresh juice.

Sept 17 - Leaves

You can tell Fall is in the air because the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors and will eventually fall onto the ground.  Take yourself on a walking tour of the Farm and see what you can find.  Then join us to create your own unique and colorful leaf to display at home.

Sept 25 – Jacks & Marbles

Back 2,000 years ago pebbles and rocks were used to play this game.  These were then upgraded to sheep knuckles (jacks) and a wooden ball.  The modern day version uses metal jacks and a rubber ball.  Stop by the Walnut Barn and play against another opponent.