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Farm Hours

Forest Home Farms is now open to the public Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Please remember to adhere to social distancing and wear a mask. 

For weekend parking, drive to 20503 San Ramon Valley Blvd, and park across from the Glass House.

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COVID-19 Updates

All of us from the City of San Ramon hope you are doing well as we move through these unprecedented times. Here is the most recent information we have as it pertains to the COVID-19 public health crisis:

Contra Costa County Health Services (CCHS) has an Emergency Operations Center in place and is closely coordinating with other local, State, and Federal agencies responsible for tracking and mitigating the outcomes of COVID-19. CCHS has also set up a website to provide accurate recommendations and timely updates for both local governments and the community at large.

It is essential to understand that the situation is continuously changing as CCHS reacts to new information. We recognize the significant impacts this is having on the community we serve.

The City of San Ramon's response has been and will continue to be thoughtful, calculated, deliberate, and in conformance with CCHS's professional recommendations. We are maintaining close coordination with CCHS to respond rapidly, as necessary, to ensure we minimize the disruption of services to the community, while also ensuring we do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 according to the CCHS recommendations.

Remember, the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is by:

  • Washing your hands often,
  • Wear a mask while in public places
  • Avoiding touching your face, and
  • Avoiding close contact with others.

CCHS has also set up an excellent webpage with more information on prevention.

Though there is cause for concern, there is no need for fear and panic to overwhelm our community. We encourage you to review the CCHS website, their recommendations for prevention, and continue to monitor the City of San Ramon communications. We will continue to send out these messages regularly and as information changes.

Basic hygiene practices and social distancing should go a long way in achieving the goal of mitigating the effects of this public health crisis. The primary concern, per the CCHS, is to intervene in the spread of the virus by slowing its progress. This concern is why you see such aggressive measures nationwide.

Forest Home Farms

19953 San Ramon Valley Blvd.    MAP
(925) 973-3284

Forest Home Farms Historic Park is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to  4 pm*.  Come walk the grounds and enjoy a self-guided tour. Pamphlets for the self-guided tour can be found at the bulletin board located  at the entry of the parking lot and can be accessed by calling (925) 264-1037.

FREE** Family Fun on the Farm Days each Saturday from 11 am - 2 pm
Click here for full schedule

*San Ramon Historic Foundation event days gates open at 11am. Click here for full listing of events.
**Fee required for San Ramon Historic Foundation events. Click here for SRHF website. 

Becoming A Park

In 1997, Ruth Quayle Boone bequeathed the 16-acre Boone family farm known as Forest Home Farms, at 19953 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, to the City of San Ramon for use as a municipal historic park in memory of her husband, Travis Moore Boone. After Ruth Boone’s death in 1998 at the age of 94, the City expanded the memorial to include Ruth, in honor of her generosity to the people of San Ramon and in recognition of the contribution women made to agriculture in the San Ramon Valley.

Forest Home FarmsIn light of the recent, widespread development of agricultural lands for residential subdivisions in Contra Costa County and the rise of land values, the gift was extraordinary. Frequently approached by developers who wished to purchase the farm for subdivision, Mrs. Boone chose instead to preserve Forest Home Farms in perpetuity and give this large parcel of land to the people of San Ramon so that they too could enjoy the beauty of the property. The City accepted the property with the vision and foresight to recognize its potential as a regional open space that could provide recreational and educational opportunities possibly unsurpassed in the rapidly changing landscape of Contra Costa County.

The 16-acre farm is located at the base of the East Bay Hills and Oak Creek divides it in two almost equal parts. The northern portion of the site contains all of the structures built or used by the Boone’s, except for the cistern that sits atop a hill on the southwest corner. The structures include 2 houses, fourteen outbuildings and two pergolas. The houses represent almost a century of residential development in the valley. The Boone House is a 22-room Dutch colonial that was remodeled several times since it was built in 1900. This home now serves as office space and a meeting center. The fourteen outbuildings vary significantly in date and size, including a barn originally built in the period from 1850 to 1860, a 7000 square-foot farm equipment and automobile storage structure and a three-building walnut processing plant that includes a three-story hulling and drying structure.

 Watch a video about the Boone Family and Forest Home Farms

Glass House Museum-at Forest Home Farms

Open for docent-led tours every Saturday at 1 pm
$5 per person (FREE for age 3-under) payable with credit card only

The southern portion of Forest Home Farms is home to the Glass House Museum, a Victorian style home and its tank house built in 1877. This home was relocated from its original site at Lora Nita Farm. The Glass House is a two-story, wood frame dwelling with a one-story rear wing older and a tank house with windmill. The Glass House was restored in 2009 to its original beauty and is open for tours and a Victorian Life education program. 

In 1877, San Ramon pioneer, David Glass, opted to build a home with an imposing exterior design. The style of architecture was Italianate, a sophisticated new fashion that had been introduced in the Bay Area during the mid-1860's by architects who migrated to San Francisco from the East Coast. An impressive two story, nine room structure, prominently situated in San Ramon between Dublin and Walnut Creek, the Glass house would have stood in proud contrast with the modest homes of most of its neighbors in the small, rural community that existed in the San Ramon of the 1870's.

The Glass House is an important part of the San Ramon community. Please take the time to discover the remarkable story of San Ramon's history, deeply embedded in one of its earliest and most prominent families, and the house in which they resided.  Read more about the Glass Family and their House  HERE