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Permit Center - Location, Description and Hours

Permit and Plan Submittal Guidelines for proposed construction projects within San Ramon:

RESIDENTIAL - Register and Apply for Permits COMMERCIAL - Register and Apply for Permits

Residential Solar Photovoltaic - Requirements for residential installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) - Requirements for ADU permit application submittals. 

Multi Family and Condominiums - Requirements for Multi Family and Condominiums permit application submittals. 

Residential Mixed Use - Requirements for Residential Mixed Use permit application submittals. 

Townhomes - Requirements for Townhome permit application submittals. 

New Single Family Dwelling - Requirements for submittals of plans.

  • Demolition - Complete Structure - Requirements for submittals of plans and documents for complete demolition of a structure. For partial demolition, see Interior Demolition.
  • Interior Demolition -Requirements for submittals of demolition of interior improvements
  • Re-submittals - Requirements for submittals of revised plans.
  • Signs - Requirements for submittals of Signs - monument, channel letter, individual letter, non-illuminated.