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In April 2020, the San Ramon City Council authorized the implementation of a citywide camera plan to help maintain a safe and secure environment for the San Ramon Community. Once completed, this camera plan will utilize both automated license plate reader (ALPR) cameras and situational awareness cameras. If you’re interested in reviewing the staff report presented to the San Ramon City Council, it is available here.

In mid-August, the first phase of the camera installation began with the placement of ALPR cameras at strategic locations throughout the City of San Ramon. Once these ALPR cameras were operational, San Ramon Police Department personnel began receiving real-time alerts when these cameras captured vehicles within the City that were reported as stolen, displayed stolen license plates, or were involved in felonious or violent activity. In addition, San Ramon Police Detectives found the cameras to be instrumental in developing investigative leads after criminal acts had been reported. If you are interested in knowing more about the policies and procedures in place for these programs, the San Ramon Police Department Policy and Procedure manual is available for download on our Professional Standards and Training page. Section 378 references our Situational Awareness Public Safety Camera Program and Section 471 focuses on Automated License Plate Reader cameras (ALPRs).

The ALPR cameras allow for excellent partnerships with our local law enforcement agencies and local homeowner’s associations (HOA’s) because of the shared information they provide. The same ALPR cameras are in use by the Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore Police Departments, which allows for seamless data sharing with the ultimate goal of property and quality of life preservation. 

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