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Eligibility- Prior to Start of Class

1.  Student must be 3 years old by their first day of class.  Please provide Preschool Director with proof of age eligibility. Document showing DOB could include medical/dental bill, Birth Certificate, etc..  Information is to verify age and not to be collected.  Director will verify age and mark students file complete. No paperwork will be collected.  Paperwork should be verified with Preschool Director, not San Ramon staff/front desk staff.

2. Pay supply fee directly to Preschool Director.

3. Students must be fully potty trained. All students must be capable of handling their own bathroom needs.  No assistance with wiping, undressing or re-dressing.  Please dress students in clothing that is easy for them to use the restroom.

4. Effectively follow visual and audible directions if English is a second language.

5. Students should understand their food allergies and if applicable and understand no sharing of food in the classroom. 

Successful Tips to Prepare for Little Sprouts

1. Practice potty training at home with your student.  Use positive reinforcement to encourage using the restroom.  Be consistent. 

2. To help ease separation anxiety /stresses practice leaving your student with another parent, family member, or babysitter for a short period of time.  As it becomes routine, increase the amount of time, eventually to the amount of time your student will stay at school.

3.  Talk about the upcoming day as you drive to class.  Get them ready and prepared to say goodbye at the door.  Do not seem hesitant or use words like "I will miss you."  If you show confidence they will be more confident and be brave.