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New Lights
Poem by Jenyth Jo, Recited at the Jazz Concert December 1, 2018 and The San Ramon City Council Meeting on December 11, 2018.


Standing high by the Memorial Park flagpoles

Gazing down the curve of Bollinger Canyon Road,

I see San Ramon swag atop the posts of light

What shapes are taking form in the fog?


I see silver, crystal and gold

Flattened chevrons that capture light.

In the morning they glisten, speaking

Different languages, suggesting many symbols.


The gold coins drape across

A Bengali sari of silver.

Or, Christmas gold garlands

Adorn ice-coated branches

Maybe it’s the trim around

A Cheongsam collar

Or the foil covering Hannukah gelt.


This festival of lights now means

Many things to many people:

I see Diwali, Las Fallas, Hannukah

Lunar New Year, Christmas and Kwanzaa

 [I see a landing strip for Santa

And all the dreams he represents!].


Now we have silver, crystal and gold

Flattened chevrons that reflect our light

In the evening, from all angles.

It’s as if we’ve earned our badge of honor:

Bay Area’s Best home for families.


Or, oh, now I see:

The swag is the top of a giant

champagne glass:  to toast the future

Let’s light a future for all.