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Permits, approvals and licensing information based on type of business

Thank you for considering San Ramon as the home of your new business! To help facilitate launching your new business seamlessly, we have assembled the following information to help you navigate the various City departments and other agencies necessary to embark on your new venture.

Permit, approval, and licensing requirements may vary according to the type of business you intend to start, and it is the responsibility of the business to make sure they have the appropriate approvals, including required licenses, before opening. So we have created paths for working with the City for several types of businesses, from home-based to restaurants to large-scale developments.

CalGold can also help you find appropriate permit information for your business. It also provides contact information for the various agencies that administer and issue them.

Choose your Path


Before you even start your business plan, check here to make sure you can operate your business from your home. San Ramon allows some types of businesses to be operated at a residential property.

Business owners need to apply to have a home-based business.  This is in addition to obtaining a Business License.

Family Daycare Home
Restaurant/Food Service
Personal / Professional Service
Large Business and Developments