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General Questions:

How deep is each pool?

50M Pool - 4ft - 12f
Small Lap Pool - 3.5ft - 6ft
Play Pool - Zero depth entry - 1.5ft

50M Pool - 4ft - 14ft
Play Pool - Zero depth entry - 3ft

What are the swimming distances of each pool?

50M Pool - 50 Meters Long Course
                        - 25 Yards Short Course
Lap Pool    - 25 Yards

50M Pool - 50 Meters Long Course
                       - 25 Yards Short Course

What is the temperature of each pool?
  • All pools are heated to a comfortable 80-82 degrees.  Pool temperatures may vary due to weather.
  • All pools are located outdoors.  
Where do I leave my belongings while I swim?
  • We provide lockers.  Please bring your own lock if you wish to lock the lockers.  You can also bring your belongings with you onto the pool deck.
  • The City of San Ramon is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Is the pool still open if it rains?
  • Yes.  The aquatics facilities are open rain or shine.  If there is thunder or lightning, the pool will be closed at the discretion of the aquatics staff.  
Where is the lost and found located?
  • Lost and found items are kept with the aquatics staff.  Please inquire at the first aid office.
Are towels, sun screen, swim diapers, or goggles available for sale?
  • We do not sell additional items at the aquatics facilities. 
  • There is a CVS store located at Broadmoor Dr. and Alcosta Blvd. near the San Ramon Olympic Pool.
  • There is a Safeway located on Bollinger Canyon Rd. near the Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center.
Are animals allowed in the facility?
  • No animals allowed.  Only service animals are permitted. 

Recreation Swim: 

Can I enter the facility early to set up?
  • Reserved parties can enter 15 minutes prior to the start of recreation swim. 
  • Non-reserved parties can enter the pool when recreation swim starts.
Is there food for sale at the facility?
  • We do not sell food; however, there are vending machines onsite.
  • We do not have change available for the vending machine.  The machines accept cash and credit cards.
  • If there is an issue with the vending machines, please contact the telephone number listed on the machine.

Can I bring food into the facility?
  • Food is permitted in the facility.
  • No BBQ’s or chafing dishes are allowed into the facility.
  • No glass or alcohol is allowed.
  • Ice chests are subject to inspection as patrons enter the facility.  
Can I bring in tables, umbrellas, or canopies into the facility?
  • No tables.
  • Umbrellas are permitted, but they cannot go more than 6 inches in the ground.
  • No canopies.
Does my child need to wear a swim diaper if they wear a diaper normally?
  • Yes. It is required.
Are flotation devices allowed?
  • U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved life jackets and swim suits are allowed with the approval of the aquatics staff.
  • No water wings or bathing suit with sewn in flotation devices unless USCG approved.
  • No inner tubes.
  • No swim noodles.
At what age can a child participate in recreation swim without adult supervision?
  • Children 8 years and older may participate without adult supervision. 
  • Children ages 7 years and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times while at the pool facility.  
If I am not swimming, am I still charged the entrance fee for recreation swim?
  • Yes.  Everyone who enters the facility during recreation swim  will be charged the entrance fee.  This is an entrance fee and not a ‘swim fee’.

​Lap Swim:

Can I leave my child in the lobby while I swim?
  • No.  He or she cannot be left in the office or on the pool deck.  Children are permitted to swim laps with their parent.
Can a San Ramon Valley Unified School District faculty member swim at no charge?
  • Only California, Dougherty Valley and Venture High School faculty may swim during Lap Swim hours  at no charge during weekdays while school is in session. 
  • All faculty must show a current employee ID each time they visit the pool.
  • Faculty must pay the daily fee on the weekends and during summer. 
  • Family members of faculty must pay the daily admission fee.
Can scouting groups do their skills and requirements during lap swim?
If I am not swimming, am I still charged the entrance fee for lap swim?

During Lap Swim Only Hours:

  • No.  Those who are accompanying a lap swimmer is considered a chaperone.

During Combined Recreation and Lap Swim Hours:

  • Yes.  Due to the type of programs offered, everyone who enters the facility during recreation swim will be charged an entrance fee.

Swim Lessons:

For more information on frequently asked question for the swim lesson program please visit Swim Lessons