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The Building Inspection Board of Appeals shall, according to the Uniform Building Code adopted by the City of San Ramon:

  • Hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official relative to the application and interpretation of the Building Laws as mandated by the California Building Standards Commission and adopted by the City of San Ramon. The Appeals Board will hear issues raised by citizens, contractors, architects and engineers of decisions made by the Building Official on the suitability of alternate materials, methods and types of construction, interpretations or decisions rendered under the Building, Electrical, Swimming Pool, Solar, Dangerous Buildings and Housing Code, and other codes as designated by ordinance.

MEETING TIMES: To be announced - Meetings will be held as needed


  • The City Council is currently reviewing the Building Inspection Board of Appeals process to allow for appeals of additional City Ordinances. Until the new Appeals Board process is ratified by the City Council, the City Council can appoint another body as the Appeals Board for emergency matters or, as provided by State Law, the Council may act as the Appeals Board.


Vance Phillips, Chief Building Official
(925) 973-2583