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Remember to always check with the Planning Division at (925) 973-2560 to confirm zoning requirements prior to beginning your project!


  • Register and Apply for Permits Here
  • Cover Sheet Information: address of project; name, address & phone number of project owner; name, address, phone number, title & registration information of project design professional; applicable editions of state & local codes; description of project; occupancy classification(s) for all building areas; type of construction; gross building area per floor; building height; fire sprinkler system (yes/no); an index of drawings.
  • Wet Signature & Stamp of Project Designer(s) Is Required On All Drawings
  • Plot Plan: (indicate scale);lot dimensions; dimensions which indicate the distances from all existing and proposed buildings to adjacent property lines; north arrow; identification of all streets and right-of-ways adjacent to the site with dimensions showing distances from the center line and edge lines of each adjacent right-of-ways to the adjoining property lines and existing buildings; location of easements and visible utilities on site; parking layout and location of all driveways, curb cuts and site entrances; location of all fire hydrants within 500 feet of site.
  • Grading/Drainage Plan: (indicate scale); tops & toes of slopes; grade/pad elevations, ground slope drainage scheme & topographical details; locations and height above natural and finish grade of all retaining walls; drainage systems.
  • Landscape Plan: (indicate scale); irrigation & planting schedule; accessory structures, walkways, pools, decks, sheds, etc.
  • Architectural Plans: (indicate scale);exterior building elevations to include maximum building height expressed in survey datum and absolute vertical height; floor plans identifying all room areas & uses; building sections which include sections at the maximum building height and natural and finish grades; details of all fire-rated assemblies; stairway, handrail & guardrail details; window & glazing schedule; door schedule; room finish schedule (flame spread ratings); flashing details; roof covering specifications; exterior wall covering specifications, color, etc.
  • Structural Plans: (indicate scale); footing/foundation plan; floor framing plan; roof framing plan; structural frame details; manufactured & signed by design engineer (including ID #'s and splice & connection details); structural material specifications; etc.
  • Plumbing Plans: site utility plan; complete plumbing plans sufficient to show the size and location of all plumbing fixtures, appliances, piping, tubing, venting, grease & sand traps, etc.; pipe size calculations (waste/vent, water, roof drain); indicate whether appliances are gas-operated, electric, or otherwise; etc.
  • Mechanical Plans: complete mechanical plans and/or specifications sufficient to identify the size and location of all heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment; equipment schedule with BTU ratings; gas pipe sizing calculations; smoke/fire damper locations; etc.
  • Electrical Plans: complete electrical plans which identify the location and capacity of the main service equipment and all distribution panels, detail all computed loads and ground-fault calculations, and show the location of all receptacles, switches, lighting fixtures, exit lights/signs, etc.


  • Structural Calculations: wind load design factor is 110 M.P.H. - exposure "C"; seismic design category D or E (site specific).
  • Title 24 energy calculations and forms. Complete energy documentation (including all required calculations); all parts completely filled out and signed,and reproduced on the plans, unreduced in size.

OTHER DOCUMENTS (as appropriate)

  • Geo technical (Soils) Report
  • Stipulation of required special inspections & other structural inspections per CBC Chapter 17. (2016 California Building Code)
  • San Ramon Valley School District Receipt
    699 Old Orchard Drive, Danville, CA 94526
    (925) 552-5500
  • Sanitary District Review Stamp by:
    • Dublin San Ramon Services District, 7051 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568; (925) 828-0515; or
    • Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, 5019 Imhoff Pl, Martinez, CA 94553; (925) 228-9500