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If requesting a Vacation House Check, please complete this form at least 72 hours prior to your departure.
Patrol Request / Vacation House Check

You can also download and complete this form by clicking here.  You can then fax, mail, or turn in the completed form to the: San Ramon Police Department at 2401 Crow Canyon Rd., San Ramon, CA 94583. Fax: (925) 838-2925. You may also email a completed form to:

*REASON FOR REQUEST:   Patrol Request   Vacation House Check   Other  

BEAT #   


*Email Address:  


*Telephone #  


*Start Date:    *End Date:  

Emergency Contact Name & Telephone #:  

Emergency Contact Address:  

Do they have a key?   Yes   No

House Alarmed?   Yes   No

Alarm Company:  

Monitored Alarm?   Yes   No

Lights on a timer?   Yes   No    
Hours?      Rooms?  

Pets?   Yes   No    Type?  

Paper Stopped?   Yes   No

Mail Stopped?   Yes   No

Vehicles on property or street?   Yes   No

Vehicle Description:

Year:    Make:  

Model:    Lic Plate:    Color:  

Second Vehicle:

Year:    Make:  

Model:    Lic Plate:    Color:  

Third Vehicle:

Year:    Make:  

Model:    Lic Plate:    Color:  

Is there a gardener, pool service, house cleaning or anyone else that will be at the location?

Additional concerns or information the officer’s should know about?

Security Measure

Contact Us

2401 Crow Canyon Rd
San Ramon
Business Phone(925) 973-2700
Fax(925) 838-2925