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Future Leaders In Training

Looking for classes for your middle and high school student? Check out the following pages from our Recreation Guide.


Fall 2023 PROGRAMS   


Becoming a Speed Cuber - NEW
Our life is like a puzzle. Training your mind to solve these puzzles can make it simple. This sport of cubing is a symbol of simplicity and complexity. In a very easy fashion, you will learn how to unscramble the scrambled cube. challenge yourself  to train your brain ! in our 4-week program. We will provide you with the cube. However, it is highly recommended to buy your own so that you may practice at all times. This is the basic level class to learn how to solve the cube. We will come with the advanced classes next time!

Mon   9/11- 10/2 5:30-6:30pm Act # 21729

Pre-Teen and Teen Self Defense Clinic
This 2 hour seminar is geared to middle school age children (ages 10-14). Focus will be in 2 areas: bullying and real self-defense situations. In this course, we focus on preventing stranger and peer violence while empowering students to understand, respect, and defend their own boundaries.

Training includes: basic striking and blocking skills and when to use them; how to use your voice; basic prevention and awareness. We will strike and block using pads and equipment. There will also be a self defense portion to work on breaking out of a wrist grab, bear hug, etc.  Class will be at Martial Arts of America in San Ramon ( 2432 San Ramon Valley Blvd)

Sat  9/9 2:00-4:00pm Act # 21627

Bullying Prevention Workshop- NEW Presented by Kidpower. Most bullying, including cyberbullying, can be stopped or prevented when everyone involved learns and uses core
social-emotional safety skills. In this workshop, you will learn to protect yourself and others from bulling, harassment and assault.

Mon   10/2 4:30-6:00pm Act # 22258

Babysitting for Beginner's - NEW
 Learn the skills needed to be a trusted and responsible babysitter. learn all about childhood development, bedtime strategies, positive redirection, how to get a job, and ways to make babysitting fun for you and the kids. Basic first aid, general safety, and what to do in an emergency will also be covered. Students should bring a water bottle, snack and dress to play!

Sun   10/8 10:00am-2:00pm Act # 21828

Online Driver Ed Class

Ages 15 & UP: DMV allows Teens to Receive their Learner’s Permit at age 15 ½ and a License at age 16. This class is the FIRST, Required Step that must be completed. This is an online course with videos, animated driving scenarios and sample test questions. Learn the rules of the road, major causes of traffic collisions, DMV procedures and much more. A licensed instructor is available to answer any questions. Receive DMV-approved Certificate of Completion. Sign up any time. Registration is ongoing.  
Ages: 15-18               Online

Daily 8/2-12/8      All Day Act# 21624

Virtual Drivers Ed Class
This is a virtual Driver's Education class with a live instructor for ages 15½ and up. Students will enjoy a series of Driver's Education lectures including understanding the responsibilities of having a driver’s license, learning the rules of the road and accident avoidance procedures. Independent assignments will also be completed during the week. Course also includes practice questions, defensive driving movies and written test prep. Upon successful completion, students will receive a DMV-approved Certificate of Completion.  
Ages: 15-18  Online

Sat 9/16-10/7 9:00am-12:00pm Act # 21623
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 11/20-11-24 9:00am-12:00pm Act # 21624

Financial Literacy: Money Management, Banking & Entrepreneurship
This is an excellent course to develop the foundation to become financially independent individual! Students will be introduced to the concepts of saving, budgeting, spending, and banking. They will get hands on experience through various activities such as Comparative Shopping, Salary Analysis, Tracking Expenses, creating a financial statement and more. This course will be a fun and interactive way to understand about Finance & Money Management!

  Wed 9/13-11/8 4:15-5:15pm Act # 21628 No class on 10/4

Become a Creative Writer, Poised Orator & Effective Debater
Public speaking is about channeling your knowledge outward in an effective way. This class will provide a foundation for
critical thinking, creative writing and presenting skills! With thought-provoking HW topics, activities, campaign speeches
& debates, students will learn to manage public speaking anxiety, make strong arguments and provide reasoning with confidence.
Developing communication and persuasive skills are the most important aspects of speech and our goal is their SUCCESS!
Tue 9/12-11/17 4:00-5:00pm Act # 21629 No class on 10/3


Teen Service Leadership
Instructor: San Ramon Staff

Experience plus education is a well-known formula for success. This is true for college applicants and those seeking career opportunities. However, for many teens, aspiring for success, it can be hard to find meaningful service opportunities in their community to pair with their education. The City of San Ramon Parks & Community Services Department has created the Teen Service and Leadership program to give teens in San Ramon meaningful opportunities, in their community, to help them grow and become future leaders. Participants will gain hands on experiences within the Parks & Community Services department learning to work as a team, meet deadlines, assist with community events, network with City Staff and learn important “soft skills” to interact with the public and co-workers. In addition to learned skills, this is a great item to add on resumes and college applications.  (Ages: 12-17)

This nine week program will take place in the classroom, as well as include several outside of the classroom community service experiences on weekends and evenings to provide beneficial volunteer opportunities.

  • Volunteering at City Special Events
  • Attending a City Commission or City Advisory Board meeting (great way to learn how City Government works)
  • Forest Home Farms events & programs
  •  The complete nine week calendar will be given to all participants at the first class meeting.

Thu 10/15-12/7 4:30-5:45pm Act # 21635



Table Tennis Beginners/Intermediate 

For aspiring players with no to some experience who intend to compete in USATT-sanctioned tournaments. Students will learn counters, footwork, serves, and receive stroke and video analysis.  Ages: 10-18
Class at Fremont Table Tennis Academy in San Ramon

Sat  9/9-10/28        3:00pm-4:00pm            Act#21046
Sat  9/9-9/30         3:00pm-4:00pm            Act#21618
Sat  10/7-10/28         3:00pm-4:00pm           Act#21619         
Sat  11/14-12/16    3:00pm-4:00pm            Act#21047 No Class 11/25



There are four ways to register for classes:

  1. Register online at Civic Rec.
  2. Mail-In in to 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583
  3. Fax-In in (925) 830-5162
  4. Walk-in and register at the Community Center at Central Park, Alcosta Senior Center, or San Ramon Olympic Pool and Aquatic Center.