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Future Leaders In Training

Looking for classes for your middle and high school student? Check out the following pages from our Recreation Guide.




Chopped : Spring Rolls
Who hasn’t heard of this fabulously popular TV show? Cooking Round the World is bringing “Chopped” to the San Ramon P&R. The group will divide into two teams. Three ingredients will be hidden under a cloth. Each team will have 45 minutes to make a dish which include those ingredients. Two dishes will be made. This is a hands-on, “experimenting with food” class and it’s super fun!

$10 Materials Fee paid the the instructor on first day of class. (Ages: 10-15) 

Tues 10/19          3:30pm-5:30pm Act#  16193

Online Driver Ed Class

Ages 15 & UP: DMV allows Teens to Receive their Learner’s Permit at age 15 ½ and a License at age 16. This class is the FIRST, Required Step that must be completed. This is an online course with videos, animated driving scenarios and sample test questions. Learn the rules of the road, major causes of traffic collisions, DMV procedures and much more. A licensed instructor is available to answer any questions. Receive DMV-approved Certificate of Completion. Sign up any time. Registration is ongoing.  
Ages: 15-18               Online

Daily 8/15-11/30      All Day Act# 16199


Virtual Drivers Ed Class
This is a virtual Driver's Education class with a live instructor for ages 15½ and up. Students will enjoy a series of Driver's Education lectures including understanding the responsibilities of having a driver’s license, learning the rules of the road and accident avoidance procedures. Independent assignments will also be completed during the week. Course also includes practice questions, defensive driving movies and written test prep. Upon successful completion, students will receive a DMV-approved Certificate of Completion. 
Ages: 15-18  Online

9/17-10/08 Sat 9:00am-12:00pm Act # 16198
11/21-11/25 Mon-Wed & Fri 9:00am-12:00pm Act # 16200 (No Class 11/24)
12/26-12/30 Mon-Fri 9:00am-12:00pm Act # 16201

Master the Skill of Debating and Presenting (Online)

Instructor: Gurus Education

In this Online debate session students learn various debate concepts and learn to write full-length constructive and refutation speeches with different layouts. They begin to do research and debate on current affair topics. It not only improves their speaking and critical thinking skills but also expands their general knowledge and helps deliver compelling presentations with lesser anxiety. We prepare them for School Debate Tournaments!!

Wed     9/28-11/16                        5:30pm-6:30pm             Act#16259


Teen Service Leadership
Instructor: San Ramon Staff

Experience plus education is a well-known formula for success. This is true for college applicants and those seeking career opportunities. However, for many teens, aspiring for success, it can be hard to find meaningful service opportunities in their community to pair with their education. The City of San Ramon Parks & Community Services Department has created the Teen Service and Leadership program to give teens in San Ramon meaningful opportunities, in their community, to help them grow and become future leaders. Participants will gain hands on experiences within the Parks & Community Services department learning to work as a team, meet deadlines, assist with community events, network with City Staff and learn important “soft skills” to interact with the public and co-workers. In addition to learned skills, this is a great item to add on resumes and college applications.

This nine week program will take place in the classroom, as well as include several outside of the classroom community service experiences on weekends and evenings to provide beneficial volunteer opportunities.

  • Volunteering at City Special Events
  • Attending a City Commission or City Advisory Board meeting (great way to learn how City Government works)
  • Forest Home Farms events & programs

The complete nine week calendar will be given to all participants at the first class meeting.
Ages: 12-17
Thu 9/29-12/1               4:30pm-5:45pm Act#16262  (No Class 11/24)



Table Tennis Beginners/Intermediate 

For aspiring players with no to some experience who intend to compete in USATT-sanctioned tournaments. Students will learn counters, footwork, serves, and receive stroke and video analysis.  Ages: 10-18
Class at Fremont Table Tennis Academy in San Ramon

Sat  10/8-10/29         3:00pm-4:00pm            Act#16195
Sat  11/5-11/19         3:00pm-4:00pm            Act#16196
Sat  12/3-12/17         3:00pm-4:00pm            Act#16197


There are four ways to register for classes:

  1. Register online at Civic Rec.
  2. Mail-In in to 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583
  3. Fax-In in (925) 830-5162
  4. Walk-in and register at the Community Center at Central Park, Alcosta Senior Center, or San Ramon Olympic Pool and Aquatic Center.