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Wind & Kites & Art & String

By: Jenyth Jo for the 2021 Art & Wind Festival

San Ramon winds tumble our umbrellas,
tilt popups anchored with sandbags,
glide dragon-tailed kites across the sky.

The dips and flips of the trick kite
make all of us laugh.

I follow the trickster's strings, find
two children trying to control the kite,

and am reminded of what I'm tethered to:

where I've tied knots
and where a single pull
will set me free
very, very soon.

At home, many of us crafted multi-colored string projects:

wrapped string or yarn around nail heads to make art,
form words like "home" or "family".

I imagined each nail head was a friend I tethered to "love".

Many of us are attached
to new dogs on a leash.

We look forward to loosening
the ties on our masks.

It is easy to smile when we think about
everyone we're going to hug
this summer.