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San Ramon Ranked Third Safest City in California
Posted on 10/09/2018
San Ramon Ranked Third  Safest City in California

SAN RAMON (October 8, 2018) – San Ramon continues to be recognized nationally for its great quality of life.
For the second consecutive month, San Ramon has been ranked at the top by a national organization which analyzed the factors people deem most important in choosing a city to live, raise a family, work and play.
San Ramon ranks as the third safest city in California – and second safest in the Bay Area – by the national online security and home safety resource organization SafeWise.
SafeWise analyzed 2016 FBI crime statistics and census population data to compile a list of the fifty safest cities in California which has 482 municipalities.  In September, the national consumer and personal finance organization WalletHub ranked San Ramon as the “best place to raise a family” in the Bay Area and the second-best location among all California cities for families looking to put down roots.  Only San Ramon and Danville were included in SafeWise’s list of the Top 10 safest California cities.
The SafeWise report further validates that San Ramon – with its highly-regarded schools, economic opportunity, natural beauty, overall safety and access to good medical care– is one of the gems of the Golden State.
“We want to thank our police department for its great work and our residents who help make San Ramon one of the best cities in America,” said Vice Mayor Phil O’Loane.  “This further confirms what most of us already know:  San Ramon residents and business owners are safe to live, work and play in their homes, stores, parks and open spaces.”
SafeWise compiled its list by evaluating violent crimes (assault, rape, rape, robbery and murder) in each city per 1,000 residents.  To break a tie, the organization factored in the number of property crimes (car theft, larceny-theft, arson and burglary).   
San Ramon had 76,901 residents in 2016 but only .51 violent crimes and 10.7 property crimes for every 1,000 people, according to the SafeWise report.
Interim Police Chief Craig Stevens said San Ramon’s top safety ranking is due to the teamwork of police and its residents.  "We’re very proud of the great work and diligence of our police department but also the widespread involvement of residents in monitoring their neighborhood and implementing security measures,” said Stevens who began his law enforcement career in 1992. 
The police department has 69 sworn officers, 22 civilian staff members and 54 volunteers who proudly serve the community.  Through the use of community policing, the San Ramon Police Department strives to involve citizens for their input, information and assistance, leading to greater understanding, cooperation and ultimately a safer community. Through a variety of programs such as Crime Prevention, Crime Free Multi-Housing, Crime Free Business, Neighborhood Watch, and Emergency Preparedness, the San Ramon Police Department partners with the community to achieve the level of safety identified in the SafeWise report 
The recognition by SafeWise and WalletHub bolsters the growing reputation of San Ramon as one of the nation’s best cities in America for economic and educational opportunity and overall quality of life.  
Earlier this year, San Ramon emerged as a leader in job growth in the Bay Area which remains a magnet for people across the world despite high housing costs and often challenging traffic.  San Ramon’s ‘stock’ is also likely to increase when it opens in early November a new world-class, 300,000-square foot retail, entertainment and cultural center – City Center at Bishop Ranch – designed by an internationally-renowned architect.  San Ramon is also an engine of high-tech and “green” innovation such as driverless buses at Bishop Ranch and a hydrogen fueling station on Norris Canyon Road.
With a population of approximately 80,000, San Ramon has an extensive system of parks– 56 – and also contains several large parks operated by the East Bay Regional Park District.  Located 35 miles east of San Francisco, San Ramon is one of the most diverse cities in the Bay Area and is marked by scenic hills that harbor a wide range of plants and wildlife.   It encompasses 18.56 square miles and is surrounded by the communities of Danville and Dublin as well as unincorporated lands in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
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