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Alarm Registration Program

The San Ramon Police Department administers the City's False Alarm ordinance, which is designed to make alarm systems more effective and to reduce the number of police responses to "False Alarms."

A "False Alarm" means the activation of an Alarm System when, upon observance by police, there is no evidence of unauthorized entry, burglary or other such crime attempted in or on the premises.

Civil penalties for police response to False Alarms with a Permit Year may be assessed against an Alarm User. A warning letter will be issued for the first False Alarm within a Permit Year; however, the second False Alarm (and any additional) within a Permit Year will be charged the following fines:

False Alarm Fee Schedule

 Number of False Alarms

  Action Taken Fines 
 1 Written Warning $0
 2 Written Notice $50
 3 Written Notice $150
 4 and above Written Notice $300

For questions about effectively managing your alarm system, False Alarm fees, or to update your commercial emergency contact information please call Clauvette Hartway at [email protected].