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SB1383 –Identifying Tier 1 & 2 Commercial Food Waste Generators

Commercial Generators Graphic

  • Transfer non-edible, organic waste into organic collection containers offered by the waste collection service company, ACI of San Ramon. For information on proper sorting, see the “Resources” section. To subscribe for organics & recycling collection or to modify your level of organics service. Contact ACI of San Ramon at (925) 380-9480 or at [email protected].
  • Recover the maximum amount of surplus edible food that would otherwise be disposed of as compost or landfill to feed people.

  • Have a written agreement/contract with at least one food recovery organization/service that picks up or receives edible food from your business. If you have an agreement with a food recovery organization, please provide the City with a copy of your contract. Email a copy of the agreement to [email protected]

  • Maintain records of type, frequency, and pounds of food recovered each month. The City may request copies of these records for State reporting purposes. Keep records of organics backhauling. 

Download our SB 1383 checklist below to keep your business on track

 SB 1383 Checklist


Food Recovery


White Pony Express 
Service Area: Contra Costa County
Food Accepted: Prepared foods, produce, meat, dairy & eggs, frozen items, & shelf items (see website for additional information).
Location: 3380 Vincent Road #107
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Contact Information:   (925) 322–0604

Food Bank of Contra Costa
Service Area: Contra Costa & Solano County
Food Accepted: Bulk donations of shelf-stable, fresh, refrigerated, and frozen food.
Location: 4010 Nelson Ave. (see website for additional information)
Concord, CA 94520
Contact Information: (925) 676-7543

Meal Pass-App
Service Area: California
Food Accepted: Prepared end-of-day excess food.
Contact Information: (866) 848-1163 / [email protected]

Remember to keep the stream clean! Proper Sorting makes a difference! For more information on proper sorting, visit the ACI of San Ramon Website-Publication & Resources.

Commercial Organics Program

For information on record-keeping tools, edible food recovery agreement template, California food bank locator tool, and more, visit the CalRecycle website.

For information on food waste reduction, visit the Center for Eco Technology website and click on Source Reduction Guidance. Additional information on waste reduction can be found on the ACI of San Ramon website.

For information on the benefits of donating and how the law can protect your business from liability, visit the CalRecycle website.


  • ACI of San Ramon (925) 380-9480. Your organic bin is half the price of trash!

Need help educating employees on how to sort organics properly? Contact ACI of San Ramon at (925) 380-9480 or at [email protected].