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Dog Park Rules

  1.  Park Hours: Dawn – Dusk Daily

  2.  Dog Owners Must:

    1. Have dog(s) properly licensed and tagged. License must be worn by any dog within the park or on public property, including City sidewalks, trials, and in any parks.

    2. Have dog(s) properly vaccinated and current with their vaccinations.

    3. Be with their dog(s) within the fenced area at all times, have the dog(s) under voice control at all times and carry the dog’s leash. Owners are responsible for dog(s) behavior.

    4. Keep dog(s) in designated enclosed area when off leash. Dog(s) must be leashed before leaving the Dog Run per San Ramon Municipal Code, Section B5-27.

    5. Do not use Park if your dog(s) is aggressive toward people or other dogs, anti-social, in heat, unruly or barks excessively. Aggressive dogs are NOT welcome in the Dog Park. If an owner’s dog begins to play too rough or shows signs of aggressive behavior, owner must immediately remove the dog(s). Dogs must be at least four months of age to use the park.

    6. Respect the neighbors' privacy and right to a quiet neighborhood.

  3. Dog owners are responsible to clean up dog(s) feces with Scoopers provided, and place in trash receptacles provided. City maintenance staff will not be cleaning up after dogs defecating in the park. Dog owners are responsible for keeping the park feces free. Should owners not take responsibility for this park, and cleaning up after their animals, City will close the park. Dog owners may be cited per San Ramon Municipal Code, Section B5-27G for not picking up feces from their dog(s) in the park or within the public right of way.

  4. Dog Owners are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of the dog(s) under their supervision at all times while in the Dog Park. No more than 3 dogs per owner allowed at one time in the Park.

  5. Owners use the park at their risk. The City of San Ramon accepts no responsibility for injury, or illness to dogs, persons visitors or owners while using this park. Dogs and persons entering the Dog Park do so at their risk. Parents must be responsible for and protective of young children within the park.

  6. No smoking within the Dog Park.

Park users are responsible for knowing all park rules.