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Our aquatics facilities provide a variety of services for  City-sponsored and non City-sponsored rental groups.  Click on each of the categories below to see a complete listing of all of the services available at City of San Ramon Aquatics facilities.  

If you are interested in learning how to rent our facilities for your team or program, please contact [email protected].  

Co-Sponsored Teams

The following teams are co-sponsored aquatic rental groups of the City of San Ramon.  

Competitive Swim Team

San Ramon Valley Aquatics (SRVA)
Head Coach: Richard Thorton

High School Swim, Water Polo, and Physical Education Programs 

California High School

Dougherty Valley High School

Masters Swim Team

San Ramon Valley Aquatics (SRVA)
Head Coach: Erik Lundeen 

Recreational Swim Teams

San Ramon Aqua Bears

 San Ramon Aquacats 

Rental Teams
The following teams are the current rental groups who are using our facilities for practices or training.  

Competitive Swim Teams 

Crow Canyon Sharks 
Head Coach:  Ethan Hall

Diablo Aquatics

High School Swim Teams 

Valley Christian High School Swim Team

Springboard Diving Teams 

California Diving Academy 
Head Coach: Eric Holzheimer 

Recreational Swim Teams 

Club Sport Marlins

Water Polo Teams 

Rogue Water Polo
Other Aquatics Services
The following rental groups use our facilities for practice, training, or class.  

SCUBA & Snorkeling Training

Dive N' Trips 
Contact:  Gene Battaglia

Swim Team Training & Coaching 

Head Coach: Paschalis Ntatsos

Special Olympics

Water Aerobics 

Nu Wave Water Aerobics 
Contact:  Sue Morrison