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Violation of City Ordinance Code Section Bail Amount
Infractions: First Violation   $100 (Not to Exceed)
Infractions: Second Violation – (Within 1 Year)   $200 (Not to Exceed)
Infractions: Each Additional Violation (Same Ordinance within 1 Year)   $550 (Not to Exceed)
Misdemeanors   Fine of $1,000 (Not to Exceed) and / or imprisonment for a period not to exceed six (6) months
Animal Noise B2-70 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Animal Waste (Public or Private Property) B2-71 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Health and Sanitation
Living in Vehicles B6-221 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Smoking Prohibited B6-73 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Possession or Ignition of Firecrackers (Excluding Safe/Sane H&S §12529) B4-1 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Damage to Property
Removal or Destruction including Shrubbery, Artifacts, or Archaeological Site B5-30A $100 (Not to Exceed)
Break or Deface any Building, Sign, Fence, Bench, Structure, Apparatus, Equipment or Property B5-30B $100 (Not to Exceed)
Mark, Print, Write, Sign, Card, Display or Similar Inscription or Device on Public or Private Property (Without a Permit) B5-30C $100 (Not to Exceed)
Noise Sources
Internal Combustion Engines Causing Excessive Noise between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM (Without a Permit) B6-99 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Construction Projects (Unlawful M-F before 7:30 AM and after 7:00 PM; Sat-Sun Prior to 9:00 AM and after 6:00 PM) B6-100 $100 (Not to Exceed)
City Parks
Violation of Park Hours SR B5-11 $125
Designated Pedestrian Use SR B5-13A $100 (Not to Exceed)
Bicycle or Skateboard Hazard SR B5-13B $100 (Not to Exceed)
Bicycle in Skate Park SR B5-13C $125
Skate Park Helmet SR B5-13D $75
Littering SR B5-18 $200
Smoking in Park SR B5-19 $125
Sound Amplification Devices (Without a Permit) SR B5-28 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Curfew SR B7-231 $125
Vehicle Restrictions within City Paks
Operation on Roads or Trails (Without a Permit) BSR 5-12A $100 (Not to Exceed)
Excess Speed BSR 5-12B $100 (Not to Exceed)
Unlicensed Vehicle BSR 5-12C $100 (Not to Exceed)
Parking in Restricted Area BSR 5-12D $100 (Not to Exceed)
Parking After Hours BSR 5-12E $100 (Not to Exceed)
Abandoned Vehicle BSR 5-12F $100 (Not to Exceed)
Wash, Repair, Advertise for Sale BSR 5-12G $100 (Not to Exceed)
Excessive Noise from Muffler or Exhaust System BSR 5-12H $100 (Not to Exceed)
Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
Prohibition of Public Alcohol Consumption SR B7-1 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Unlawful Juvenile Gathering on Private Property (Five [5] or more person[s]) under 21 years of age where alcohol is in possession or being consumed by person(s) under 21 SR B7-12 $1,000
Police Services at parties, gatherings or events requiring a response SR B7-13
SR B7-14
For Response Time by Officers Involved:
$60 Administrative fee, plus:
1) $115/Hr per Sergeant
2) $105/Hr per Corporal
3) $95/Hr per Officer
4) $65/Hr per PST
False Reports
False Reports to City Employee/Officer SR B7-21 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Labor Disputes
Obstruction of Public Ways SR B7-125 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Intimidation – During Picketing Prohibited SR B7-126 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Intimidation – During Assembly Prohibited SR B7-127 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Opprobrious Language Prohibited SR B7-128 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Solicitors/Peddlers (Without a Permit) SR B7-145 $300 (Not to Exceed)
Soliciting on Vehicles SR B7-149 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Roadside Selling of Vehicle SR B6-211 $50
Discharge Restrictions B7-247 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Possession of Firearms, Pellet Guns & Similar Weapons by Minors B7-248 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Graffiti Prohibited on Public or Private Property B7-254 $100 (Not to Exceed)
Skateboard, Bicycle and Wheeled Devices
Prohibited Use on Public or Private Property B7-282A $100 (Not to Exceed)
Tricks and Stunts B7-282B $100 (Not to Exceed)
Unattended Causing Injury Hazard B7-282C $100 (Not to Exceed)
Parking Restrictions
Stopping, Standing, Parking – Curb Marking SR B8-1 $50
Time Limit Parking SR B8-2 $50
Parking / Stopping – Construction Area SR B8-3 $50
Parking Designated Zones – Private Property SR B8-4 $50
Parking Within Marked Spaces SR B8-5 $50
Temporary / Emergency Parking Sign / Barriers SR B8-6 $75
Permit Parking SR B8-21 $125
Parking Oversized Vehicles SR B8-31 $125
Parking in Fire Lane SR B8-39 $75
Parking Truck / Trailer (Exceeding 10,000 lbs.) SR B8-51 $125

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