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Welcome to the Alcosta Senior and Community Center

The Alcosta Senior and Community Center is an active independent activity center for adults ages 55 and older. It is a place for all people to participate, establish relationships, and share similar interests with others in a friendly environment. Patrons are welcome to sit wherever they wish and are encouraged to participate in multiple activities. Join us in continuing to make this a welcoming Center by saying “hello” to someone new, inviting someone to join you for lunch or holding the door for someone.

COVID - 19 Update 

All of us from the City of San Ramon hope you are doing well as we move through these unprecedented times. Here is the most recent information we have as it pertains to the COVID-19 public health crisis:

Contra Costa County Health Services (CCHS) has an Emergency Operations Center in place and is closely coordinating with other local, State, and Federal agencies responsible for tracking and mitigating the outcomes of COVID-19. The CCHS website  provides accurate recommendations and timely updates for both local governments and the community at large.

It is essential to understand that the situation is continuously changing as CCHS reacts to new information. We recognize the significant impacts this is having on the community we serve.

The City of San Ramon's response has been and will continue to be thoughtful, calculated, deliberate, and in conformance with CCHS's professional recommendations. We are maintaining close coordination with CCHS to respond rapidly, as necessary, to ensure we minimize the disruption of services to the community, while also ensuring we do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 according to the CCHS recommendations.

As a result of the CCHS Shelter at Home Mandate, the City of San Ramon will be canceling all City-sponsored events, as well as facility rentals, and programs in which we anticipate attendance will be higher than 50 people. Also, all activities and programs for ages 50+ at the Alcosta Senior and Community Center will be canceled due to the risk to those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19. These actions will take effect immediately and will remain in effect until further guidance is provided. This remains a fluid situation and the City will continue to work with Contra Costa County Health Services and monitor the situation.

Senior Nutrition

The Contra Costa County Health Services Senior Nutrition Program provides nutritious daily meals countywide for adults age 60+. These meals meet 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), served in a social setting at 17 CC Cafe's and 96 Meals on Wheels routes in local communities throughout the county, or delivered to the residence of homebound adults. The City of San Ramon contracts with Contra Costa County Health Services to serve the meals provided by the County to individuals over the age of 60 Monday – Friday at the Alcosta Senior & Community Center.

During the Shelter at Home Mandate, Contra Costa County Health Services is allowing San Ramon to offer curbside pickup at the Alcosta Senior & Community Center or have staff  deliver the meals provided by the county to San Ramon residents homes.

All meals will be packaged in the home-delivered format, which includes a 3-compartment tray for the frozen entrée and side dishes as well as bread/ crackers, milk/drinks, and fruit items. Two fresh meals are included each week as well. Individuals interested in the meals will need to request the meal by 12pm Monday by calling (925) 973-3250. Weekly meal distribution takes place each Tuesday, from 12:00 - 1:30pm for curbside pick-up or delivery. No congregate format will be available.

For updates on the City and County’s response to COVID-19, please visit the links below:

For questions regarding Senior Programs, please contact the Center at (925) 973-3250.