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Posted on 11/05/2019

Did you know the City offers free bike registration, sports facilities, classes, tours, and more? Here are more than a dozen San Ramon services that require no payment to enjoy.

1. Register Your Bike
In the event of theft, the chances of recovering your bike increase if you have already registered its unique serial number with your local police. It only takes a few minutes, and when stolen property is recovered, law enforcement officers can search the Automated Property System to return bikes to owners who have previously registered them.

2. House Checks During Vacations
Heading out of town? There are several steps you can take to decrease the risk of a burglary while you’re away—including letting the Police Department know you’re traveling. By filling out a simple online form—at least 72 hours before travel—with your address, vacation dates, and expected activity at the house during that time, law enforcement officers on patrol will have more tools for identifying anything usual while you’re away.

3. Pharmaceutical Disposal
Disposing of medications down the toilet, drain or in the garbage (residential or commercial) is harmful to the environment. You can dispose of your unwanted or expired prescription and non-prescription medications in the Pharmaceutical Disposal Bin located in the lobby of the San Ramon Police Department during business hours. All medication must be out of the bottle in a ziplock baggie.

4. Citizens Academies
Ever wanted to know more about what it takes to plan a city, maintain public services, or keep a community safe? Check our free annual courses in city government (San Ramon Government 101), city planning (Citizen's Planning Academy), and law enforcement (Community Academy). Each course is offered at least once a year and lasts between 6 and 16 weeks, and combines informational sessions with tours, hands-on activities, and mock scenarios where participants can take on the role of someone in city government. Whether it’s understanding how City Council Meetings work, planning a new park, or putting yourself in the role of a police officer, you’ll come away with a greater understanding of your community.

5. Watch Educational Movies Online
You can use your Library card for the San Ramon Library or Dougherty Station Library to log in to Kanopy, a video streaming service for “quality, thoughtful entertainment” that includes “movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films and educational videos that inspire, enrich and entertain.” You’ll have 8 “watch credits” per month for general content; Kanopy Kids content is available in public libraries only.

6. Free Entertainment Passes
Through the Discover and Go program at San Ramon Library or Dougherty Station Library, you can enjoy free and low-cost passes for museums, science centers, zoos, theaters, and other cultural destinations in the Bay Area. Just log in here using your library card number to see available passes.

7. Visit Forest Home Farms Historic Park
Every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can take part in themed presentations and hands on activities for all ages at San Ramon’s historic Forest Home Farms. Learn more about the history of the site with a self-guided tour, bring a picnic, check out the tractor museum, and see how many two- and four-legged farm residents you can spot!

8. Enjoy Dozens of Sports Facilities
Among San Ramon’s 58 parks are dozens of free sports facilities, including 32 soccer fields, 29 baseball/softball fields, 22 basketball courts, 8 parks with tennis courts, 5 volleyball courts, and 4 bocce ball courts. Forty-three of the parks have playgrounds—and thanks to a pilot program, several now have sports equipment available to rent.

9. Picnic, Barbecue, or Both
In the mood for dining al fresco? Of the 41 local parks that have picnic tables, 31 also have barbecue facilities—and you can reserve picnic tables ahead at 7 of them.

10. Go for a Hike
With hundreds of acres of open space, there’s no shortage of picturesque trails in and around San Ramon. Whether you’re looking for a loop, a fully paved pathway, or a route with a view, you can use this handy tool to learn more about area trails and plan your excursion. Prefer a guided hike? Members of the Open Space committee lead free group trail walks throughout the year—check out what’s on the schedule and pre-register here.

11. Discover Local Art
The city’s five galleries showcase regional talent year-round, with new exhibitions each month in most locations. Visit City Hall, the Alcosta Senior Community Center, Dougherty Station Community Center, the San Ramon Library, or the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery at the San Ramon Community Center to discover new works in watercolor, photography, acrylics, and more—all free of charge to view (some artists’ work is available to purchase). Take an online tour of public art here.

12. Tour a City Department
If you’re in a third grade class in San Ramon, you’ll get a tour of City Hall – led by a docent, your tour of city hall will include a Q&A with an elected representative or City Hall personnel, and a scripted mock City Council meeting. Civic or student groups can also request tours of the Police Department covering the station, personnel, and equipment—click here to learn more.


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