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The map includes a Sweep Day Look Up feature which allows you to search by address. If the search result text box does not contain your sweep day, please click on the surrounding shaded area to display your sweep day. Note that If you cannot locate your street on the street sweeping schedule, it is most likely that your street has not yet been accepted by the City of San Ramon for maintenance, or it is a private road. However, to be certain of this, please complete a CRM service request or you may contact Public Works at (925) 973-2800.

Detailed instructions on how to use the map
Map Instructions
To receive the best service, follow these friendly reminders
  • Removal of any vehicle or trailers parked on the street - The street sweepers often have to go around parked cars in residential areas, missing vital portions of gutter-way/street and leaving unsightly debris that can reduce the flow of water into the storm drain system.
  • No garbage cans, yard waste and any other obstructions (including basketball stands) in the street during sweep day - Garbage cans and yard waste cannot be placed in the street more than 24 hours before pick-up, and should be retrieved in the evening after pick-up.
  • Leaves shall not be raked out into the street or gutter line. Leaves should be picked up and placed into a green waste container. Large concentrated piles of yard waste when vacuumed up into the sweeper may cause the sweeper to clog and break down, which will interrupt the sweeping schedule. Please remember that raking leaves into the street is considered illegal dumping.
  • Keep trees trimmed - Low hanging trees can damage our street sweepers and must be trimmed to accommodate a 14' 6" clearance. If the sweeper cannot safely drive under a tree, the driver will sweep around the tree leaving debris.
  • REMINDER - During peak leaf season, you may see a sweeper on your street on a day that is not your scheduled sweep day. These are extra sweeps provided by an additional street sweeper, and are on an unscheduled basis. Your scheduled day, however, will always remain the same.