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Street Smarts was created in 2004 following the tragic deaths of three San Ramon Valley children in two separate traffic-related accidents. Realizing that traffic incidents do not stop at political borders, the San Ramon Valley community came together to create the Street Smarts Program, a traffic safety education program.

In its first year, Street Smarts launched efforts targeted at the elementary school population through a Poster Contest. The program expanded in 2005 to reach middle school students and in 2007, high school students. The program is intended to grow and evolve as new issues relating to traffic safety surface. Currently, the program engages the community through in-school activities and discussions, contests, traffic safety advertising campaigns, and community events.

Street Smarts helps the San Ramon Valley address all three “E’s” of traffic safety. Street Smarts focuses on the education component, while at the same time complementing the work of other agencies that focus on engineering and enforcement.

Street Smarts... a program that helps educate our children and the public about traffic safety and responsibility. To learn more, please visit:

A Collaborative Multi-Agency Effort
  • City of San Ramon
  • Contra Costa County
  • San Ramon Valley Unified School District
  • Town of Danville
  • San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District
  • Street Smarts Advisory Committee