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*The City of San Ramon complies with all current East Bay Municipal Utility District  (EBMUD) and Dublin San Ramon Services District  (DSRSD) Water Regulations & Restrictions. If you are interested in finding out how you can conserve water, please click on the links above.

EBMUD and DSRSD annually present the most current water supply and drought update to Council, typically in June of each year.

How Does San Ramon Conserve Water?

The City and its water providers have implemented water conservation measures to save water, money, and to address local, State, and Federal requirements. These include:Succulent Plant

  • Installing water-efficient fixtures in all city buildings.
  • Requiring all new construction to use water-efficient fixtures.
  • Encouraging the use of drought-tolerant plants in landscaping.

  • Providing water conservation education to the public.
  • Requiring all new development to use water-efficient irrigation systems.
  • Implementing water use restrictions during periods ofA close-up of a plant. drought.
  • Providing incentives for businesses and residents to install water-efficient systems.
  • Working with local schools to promote     water conservation
  • Participating in regional water conservation programs.

In addition, San Ramon’s commitment to water conservation has resulted in significant water savings. The City remains dedicated to ongoing efforts in reducing water consumption and safeguarding this precious resource. Through continued commitment and initiatives, The City strives to uphold responsible water management practices and ensure a sustainable future.

Recycled Water

The City has implemented a sophisticated irrigation control system and converted many parks and landscape areas to recycled water to reduce the amount of potable water used for irrigation. Central Park now primarily uses recycled water for watering, and more of the City's landscaping will be converted in the future through DERWA (DSRSD, EBMUD Recycled Water Authority). City facilities have also been updated with low flow nozzles, automatic shut off faucets, and lower flow flush valves and toilets to reduce water usage.

Citywide Landscape Water Management

A person digging in the dirt.

The City prepares for drought conditions and restrictions by upgrading irrigation systems and renovating turf strips with drought-tolerant landscapes. These measures include replacing broken sprinklers, repairing wiring issues, and providing preventative maintenance to booster pumps. Overhead spray sprinklers are being replaced with bubblers to minimize water loss to wind or evaporation. These efforts will help the City meet conservation requirements suggested by the City’s water providers, the East Bay Municipal Utility District(EBMUD), and the Dublin-San Ramon Services District(DSRSD).

CCCSD DERWA Wastewater Diversion Project

CCCSD and DSRSD collaborated to divert wastewater from CCCSD's sewer pumping station to DSRSD's sewer system. The wastewater is treated and used as recycled water to meet current irrigation demands for parks and roadway medians in the San Ramon Valley Recycled Water Program area. This is a temporary solution until long-term water supply options are identified. Approximately one million gallons of wastewater is diverted daily to DSRSD's Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment and use as recycled water.

Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO)

What is the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO)? Click here to learn more!