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Keeping San Ramon's streets clean is a big job for the street sweepers, and never more so than in the fall and winter months, when trees shed their leaves. Street sweepers provide for the removal of naturally occurring dirt and leaf accumulation, to promote efficient drainage and avoid accumulation of water. Large concentrated piles of yard waste, however, when vacuumed up into the sweeper cause the sweeper to clog and break down, which interrupts the sweeping schedule. Also, leaves collected and piled in gutters can hide larger objects such as rocks, large twigs, and bricks that damage sweepers. As a result, sweepers bypass large mounds of debris.

Sweeper operators sweep residential areas twice a month and arterial roadways once a week. Leaves on your property should be placed in the appropriate green waste container for pick-up or be used for composting. Please do not blow or sweep leaves into the gutter line, which can block the flow of water and cause drainage issues, and remember that raking leaves into the street is considered illegal dumping.


San Ramon public streets will be swept weekly (up to four times per month) from October 17, 2022 to January 20, 2023.

  • To contact our street sweeping vendor (Contract Sweeping Services) with any questions, please call  (408) 498-4631.

  • Outside of leaf season, Public streets are swept twice per month. Click here for the street sweeping schedule/map

  • Please avoid parking on the street on your scheduled street sweeping day if possible.

  • During peak leaf season, you may see a sweeper working in your neighborhood on a Saturday or on another day that is not your scheduled sweep day. These are extra sweeps provided by an additional street sweeper, and are on an unscheduled basis. Your scheduled street sweeping day, however, will always remain the same.

  • While your scheduled street sweeping day will always remain the same, we cannot guarantee that sweeping will occur at any particular time on the scheduled day, especially during leaf season. Often during leaf season streets are swept later in the day then at other times as the amount of leaves makes the street sweeping take longer than normal.

  • Residential streets are swept between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

  • If you see a street sweeper driving down the street but not sweeping, this is usually because it is full of leaves and leaving the route to dump, or returning to the route after dumping leaves. The sweeper will resume sweeping the route after dumping.

  • Please do not leave your garbage, recycling, or green waste carts out in the street on your scheduled street sweeping day. The routes are designed so that streets are always swept two days after garbage day.

  • We ask that residents DO NOT rake or blow leaves from private property to City roadways as this compromises the effectiveness of the City’s street sweeping schedule. Raking or pushing leaves and other foreign objects from private property to public roadways may be considered Illegal Dumping and fines can be attached. Therefore, we respectfully ask homeowners to rake, blow, sweep, remove leaves and other foreign objects that accumulate on private property into their green Organics carts. These carts are serviced weekly by ACI as part of your garbage service.  ACI will provide you with up to two 96-gallon Organics carts at no additional charge.  You can request a larger or second green Organics cart by calling ACI at (925) 380-9480.  You can also purchase large paper bags from ACI to set out occasional extra leaves and yard trimmings next to your carts for curbside collection.

  • Keep trees trimmed - Low hanging trees can damage the street sweepers and must be trimmed to accommodate a 14' 6" clearance. If the sweeper cannot safely drive under a tree, the driver will sweep around the tree leaving debris.

Click here for information on our Street Sweeping page.