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Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions. To view the answer, please click on the question. If the information provided does not answer your question, please go to our Citizen's Request Management (CRM) page by clicking here and select the appropriate topic. Your request will be handled by the appropriate staff member.

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I received a parking citation. Where can I send payment?

There are 2 options:

  1. Place the citation and your check or money order in the envelope provided with the citation. Write the citation number and license plate number on the check. Make the check payable to Citation Processing Center. DO NOT MAIL CASH.
  2. Pay the citation online at
How do I dispute a parking citation?

If you receive a parking ticket or parking citation, you have 21 days to either pay or dispute the citation. Unpaid citations will be referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a registration hold, or referred to a collection agency. Within 21 days, you must do the following:

If you have a valid reason for contesting the citation, you must do so in writing. No appeals will be considered by telephone. Mail your correspondence to:

c/o Citation Processing Center
PO Box 22814
Denver, CO 80222

For additional information, please call (510) 423-7275 between 7am and 2pm Monday through Friday.

How can I report a chronic parking problem?

To report a chronic parking problem, please contact us through the Citizen Request Management (CRM) tool . If it is an intermittent in-progress problem, please call dispatch at (925) 973-2779 when the violation is occurring.

I think my car was towed? Who do I contact?

If you believe your car has been towed, please contact the dispatch center at (925) 973-2779 or Records at (925) 973-2770. The dispatch center and Records has a record of vehicles towed by the police department. Additionally, the dispatch center and Records are notified by private parties about private property tows and repossessions. If no record of a tow is located it is possible the vehicles may have been stolen, if so, the dispatch center will have a police officer contact you.

How do I report and abandoned vehicle?

The California Vehicle Code requires that vehicles parked on a public street move every 72 hours. Additionally, vehicles must have an engine, transmission, wheels, tires, doors, windshield, or any other part or equipment necessary to operate safely otherwise it may be declared a safety hazard and towed immediately. The Vehicle Code also authorizes the immediate removal of a vehicle if the registration is expired more than six months.

If the vehicle is not an immediate hazard, an officer will typically issue a warning. If the vehicle has not been moved within 72 hours, it will be towed. However, due to other priority calls and scheduling issues with the local tow companies, a vehicle may not be immediately removed after the 72 hours has elapsed.

To report an abandoned vehicle, please call the police department at (925) 973-2779.

What is a city-issued parking permit?

The City of San Ramon has implemented a preferential parking permit in certain areas of the City. These areas are marked by street signs and curb markings and all vehicles parked within these areas must have a valid permit issued by the City. The days and hours vary by area and are listed on each sign. The regulations are enforced 365 days per year and permits issued by the school district and the Olympic Pool are not valid for street parking.

You must be a resident of the particular preferential permit parking area to be eligible for a parking permit. To obtain a permit, please bring your current registration and a picture ID to the police department.

To report a violation, please call dispatch at (925) 973-2779.

I have a friend visiting from out of town, that will be bringing their motor home/trailer to my home. Can I get a permit for this vehicle?

Yes, the San Ramon Police Department (973-2700) issues "Guest RV Permits". There is no charge for this service.

I have an RV/Trailer that I want to park on the street in front of my home to load supplies; is this possible?

The San Ramon Police Department (973-2700) issues RV/Trailer load/unload permits. There is no charge for this service.


How can I report a chronic traffic problem?

To report a chronic traffic problem, please contact us through the Citizen Request Management (CRM) tool . If it is an intermittent in-progress problem, please call dispatch at (925) 973-2779 when the violation is occurring.

Is there a fee for having traffic citation signed off?

Ticket sign-offs, commonly referred to as "fix-it tickets," are free for City of San Ramon residents or to non-residents issued a ticket by a San Ramon Police Officer. The fee is $10 for non-residents issued a ticket by an outside agency.