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Bicycle Patrol

The Bicycle Patrol Unit is staffed by 8 full-time police officers on an as-needed basis for special assignments and events. This unit is supervised by the Traffic Division sergeant. The officers who are currently assigned to Patrol regularly carry their bicycles on a trunk mounted vehicle rack which allows them to use the bikes to patrol business and commercial areas up close, interacting with citizens and employees in an attempt to be more visible and foster a positive relationship resulting in a safer community overall.

Officer Katie Williams on bike patrol at Dougherty Valley High School.Officers assigned to the Bicycle Patrol Unit are required to pass a 40-hour “Patrol Bicycle” course. Several members have passed advanced bicycle courses attaining their “Instructor” certificates and are responsible for regular in-service training. Bicycle Patrol Unit officers participate in the many special events held in the City of San Ramon each year and are an integral part in the success of these events. They are able to help with locating lost or missing children/parents and provide a quick response to any other problems which requires law enforcement attention.

Police bicycles have been used for a number of years by many police agencies and have proven to be a very effective tool for patrolling areas around schools, walking trails, residential neighborhoods, parks, shopping center complexes, etc. Bicycle officers are able to contact suspects who are engaged in illegal activity before they are aware of the police officer’s presence even though the officers are in a distinctive police uniform.

Compared to a traditional police vehicle, police bicycles have a quality that makes them much more approachable by citizens. Bicycle officers can interact with citizens far more often and more in depth than officers in cars, leading to information exchange that leads to more effective policing.