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"A Community Action and Problem Solving Program"

Are you a good neighbor? Are you involved in your neighborhood? A Neighborhood Watch group is an effective way to keep crime out of our neighborhoods. Neighborhood Watch relies on the best crime fighting tool ever invented— GOOD NEIGHBORS.

Starting a neighborhood watch group is only the beginning. It can be the basis for ongoing dialogue and cooperative relationships with the police and other affiliated agencies.

Boris the Burglar

Boris the burglar is one of the many icons for Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood watch is all about getting to know each other, taking time to care about each other and work together in a program of mutual assistance. At your first neighborhood watch meeting your group will be trained on how to recognize and report suspicious activities in your neighborhood. You will learn various Crime Prevention Strategies on protecting your home, your self and your children.

Neighborhood Watch is an imperative program to be involved in since we do not have the ability to have an officer on every corner. You and your neighbors are the ones who know what is going on around you and working together with the police department and each other, we can help fight crime in our community before it starts!

Neighborhood Watch sign

Your Crime Prevention Specialist, Darlene Kittredge can provide you with all the information you need to get started. She will facilitate your first meeting and train your group on crime prevention tactics. Give her a call today to start one in your neighborhood.

To contact Crime Prevention Specialist Darlene Kittredge
call (925) 973-2720 or email

Signage like this can be obtained after your group has their second meeting and maintains one annual meeting per year. Sign-up today to get yours!