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The San Ramon Community Academy application process is open to those who live or work in the City of San Ramon.

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The Community Academy is a 14-session course held in a classroom setting with a mix of lecture, demonstrations and some hands-on activities. The academy is taught by police officers and department personnel in their area of expertise. Weekly three hour classes cover a range of topics including patrol, criminal investigations, traffic stops, crime scenes, narcotics, DUI enforcement, use of force, officer safety, community policing, and defensive tactics. The Community Academy will take field trips to the Marsh Creek shooting range and the Contra Costa Sheriff's Office high speed driving course.

The goals of the program are to create closer partnerships with the community, explain law enforcement procedures, and to discuss the importance of public involvement in the policing process. There is no cost to attend the program and the only commitment is your time.

The program is open to adults, age 18 and up, who live or work within the City of San Ramon. Space is limited. All applicants will be carefully screened via background check. Completed applications may be mailed, faxed to (925) 838-2925 or dropped off at the San Ramon Police Department, 2401 Crow Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583.

The Fall 2024 Academy is slated to start August 14th, 2024 with graduation on October 30th, 2024. Applications are due by July 31st, 2024. If you need more information or are interested in applying for a future Community Academy, please email [email protected].

Please note: Past Community Academy graduates are not eligible to re-apply.

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Many Academy graduates become volunteers in our VIPS (or Volunteers in Police Services) program. Click here for more information on Volunteer Services.  [Note: The VIPS program is currently full. We will process new applications as Volunteers retire or more work becomes available. Thank you.]