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Community Programs

Community Policing is a philosophy of policing intended to reduce crime and the fear of crime. It improves the quality of life by encouraging a partnership between the police and the citizens of a community to develop a cohesive effort to solve problems creatively. Community policing strives to involve citizens for their input, information and assistance, leading to greater understanding and cooperation.

The Department offers an extensive array of community policing programs and services:

Community Relations

The Community Relations and Crime Prevention Division was created in 2015 for the purpose of increasing the San Ramon Police Department’s interaction with the people who live in, work in, and visit the City of San Ramon. Through numerous community outreach programs, our goal is to provide the best and most comprehensive police services to all members of the San Ramon community.

This Division is responsible for the San Ramon Police Department’s Crime Prevention,  Neighborhood Watch, and Emergency Preparedness Programs. In managing these programs, we strive to provide the most up to date and relevant crime prevention and emergency preparedness information and tools to the community members we serve.

The Community Relations Division began actively sharing information through the San Ramon Police Department's Facebook page and Twitter account in mid-2015, as well as on the community-based information sharing web site, Through these social media outlets, we are able to keep members of the San Ramon community aware of on what is going on in, and around, San Ramon and better inform people what services we provide.

In addition to the above programs, the Community Relations Division is responsible for the review, approval and issuance of solicitor permits and for those seeking permits to operate as a massage therapist or to open a massage-based business. The Community Relations Division also performs random inspections of massage-based establishments throughout the City of San Ramon. This is done on a regular basis to ensure they are operating as legitimate businesses and not involved in illegal activity.

Ultimately, the responsibility of the Community Relations Division is to facilitate a Police and Community partnership, which will improve the quality of life for each and every member of the San Ramon community.

Lt. Leysy Pelayo oversees the Community Relations Division and can be reached via email at [email protected]