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Summer Teen Center Camp - Studio 925

Come check out our full day summer camp! If you're in middle school and want to have some fun this summer, then join your friends at Studio 925 from 8:30am to 5:30pm! There's something for everyone! Daily activities may include wacky games, contests, movies, video game tournaments, sports, and cool crafts.  What are you waiting for? Come spend this summer with us and let the fun begin. 

  • The City of San Ramon is closely monitoring and following all guidelines as directed from the State of California and Contra Costa County. Due to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19,    summer camp 2021 policies and procedures

Pine Valley Teen Center - Ages 10-14

Weekly Option



Activity #

Field Trip**

Confirmation Packet

Studio 925 (Week 1)

June 7- June 11


Act# 9212

Oakland A's Game

Coming soon! 

Studio 925 (Week 2)

June 14- June 18


Act# 9213

Golden Skates

Studio 925 (Week 3)

June 21- June 25


Act# 9214


Studio 925 (Week 4)

June 28 – July 2


Act# 9215

Ice Skating

Studio 925 (Week 5)

July 6- July 9
(No Camp on 7/5)


Act# 9216


Confirmation Sheet

Studio 925 (Week 6)

July 12 - July 16


Act# 9217

Movie: Black Widow

Studio 925 (Week 7)

July 19 - July 23


Act# 9218

Dublin Bowl

Studio 925 (Week 8)

July 26 - July 30


Act# 9219

Movie: Space Jam

Multi-Week Option



Activity #

Field Trip

Confirmation Packet 

Studio 925
(Weeks 1-3)

June 7 – June 25


Act# 9220

Please See Above

 Please See Above

Studio 925
(Weeks 4-6)

June 28 - July 16
(No Camp on 7/5)


Act# 9221

Please See Above

 Please See Above 

Studio 925
(Weeks 7-8)

July 19 - July 30


Act# 9222

Please See Above
 Please See Above

** Trips are subject to change due to health guidelines.

Teen Enrichment Camps Schedule

Looking for an activity for your team to have fun!  Check out our Teen Enrichment Camps.

June 7-11

June 14-18

June 21-25

June 28- July 2

July 6-9

No Camp on 7/5

July 12-16

July 19-23

July 26-30

August 2-6


Amador Rancho Community Center

Mastering the Skills of Debating in Tournaments
Act # 9223

Fantasy Animals: Anime and Manga
Act # 9194

Action Stop Motion Flix
Act # 9203

RobotEd: Machine BOTS
Act # 9209

App Studio:
Intro to Coding
Act # 9364

Lego Flix
Act # 9223

Iron Horse Teen Center

3D Printing:
Act # 9434

Chess Wizards Summer Camp

Act #  9933


Stop Motion Animation
Act # 9210

Be Heard:
Class on
7/7  &  7/8

Act # 11396

Chess Wizards Summer Camp
Act #  9934

City Planning & Civil Engineering
Act # 9225

Snapology: STEMworks
Act # 9211

Become a Confident Orator, Writer & Debater
Act # 9224

Dougherty Station Community Center

Super Heroes & Super Villains
Act # 9193

Beginners & Intermediate
Anime & Manga
9am -12pm
Act # 9195

Drone & Aerospace
Act # 9199

Online Class

Learning Powerful Secrets of Public Speaking
Act # 9196

AP Computer Science
- 3:30pm
Act # 9117



































ART CLASSES (Ages 10-14)

 Fantasy Animals: Anime & Manga Edition

The Japanese cartooning anime style combined with the dynamic world of Superheroes vs. Supervillains character design art class is finally here! Chibis is a slang term in Japanese for short or miniature and will be the genre and focus in creating “kawaii” (cute) characters from a variety of Superheroes and Supervillains.

All level artist alike will develop their drawing chops with guided art instructions using hand drawn templates that they create. Through these templates we venture through exploration through a wide variety of dynamic Chibi designs inspired and mixed with characters in pop culture as seen in movies, video games/apps, books and comics/ manga. Whether the adventurous artist is looking to explore this drawing style or is familiar and eager to express themselves; daily student art gallery presentations, drawing contest, art games, prizes and movies is a “super” way to spend in summer.

Let’s go through guided instructions and simplified drawing techniques to confidently transform your doodles to dynamic Chibi character heroes and villain designs, good and bad. You be the artist hero (or villain) and proudly design your own original character or existing ones through this exclusive art class offering.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Totoro and Spirited Away, Naruto and the Tailed Beasts (Chakra Monsters), Doraemon, Yo- Kai Watch and Pokémon all have something amazingly in common. They all celebrate the magical world of fantasy animals through these popular Japanese Anime and Manga titles. You’ve probably seen a few of the plush toys, stickers or posters of these amazing creatures such as the Totoro forest beasts, or the loveable “Cat Bus” and didn’t know it. Let’s spend a wonderful day in camp where we take creative art paths exploring these creatures and popular movies. We will develop compelling art utilizing the basics in drawing animals to magical beasts through the stylized version of Anime art.
You, the eager artist, will join us through carefully guided steps as we go through instructions utilizing Gesture, Construction, Anatomy and Technique (G.C.A.T.) and explore dynamic creatures simplified to develop in confidence for your creative growth. We'll cover tips, twists and techniques to these Japanese cartooning style and study these movies throughout the course. Join us for this magical journey in art and discover your artistic potential. Class is open to all art levels. Click here for the List of art materials
Please bring all art materials from the receipt to the first day of class.

Mon-Fri       7/12-7/16      Amador Rancho Community Center      9:00am-12:00pm        Act# 9194

Beginning and Intermediate Anime & Manga: Chibi Edition
Calling all art ninjas! Ready to kick off the summer with fun and exciting Anime art Chibi Edition? Chibi is a slang term in Japanese for small or short, typically used in people and objects for all things “kawaii” (cute) which we will use as an inspiration for this Japanese cartooning art style. To give you an idea, Funko Pop, Sport’s Bobble Heads are those 2 head proportionate characters that appear instantly “kawaii” which is a form of Chibis.

You, the art ninja will gain the understanding of the mighty pencil (which is mightier than the sword) and learn the way of the Chibi! While still exploring the basics in drawing, conceptual character development, basic studio practice, we’ll venture through these techniques using templates you design from scratch for Chibi design explorations. This is an all levels art class where no art ninja will be left behind. Live demonstrations, careful step by step instructions along with daily student art gallery presentations, art contest, art drawing games, prize and movies are lessons in this art dojo! Continuing art Ninjas from Mr. Warren’s previous art class will refine techniques on the tools they’ve learned.

So, art ninjas, good things come in small packages such as the mighty Chibi. Join us as we design characters confidently through what you envision and embrace this lovable Anime character genre. Ever try drawing yourself as an anime character or design your own original manga comic strip? Art Ninjas, here is your chance. Are you ready for the next mission?  Click here for the List of art materials
 Please bring all art materials from the receipt to the first day of class.

Mon-Fri     8/02-8/06      Dougherty Station Community Center 9:00am-12:00pm       Act# 9195


Drone and Aerospace Engineering
“Build it! Code it! Fly it!” Jump in the forefront of the emerging field of DRONES! Come explore a thrilling, hands-on aerial robotics platform. This camp is the perfect introduction to the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Safety is a priority as students learn to fly in first-person view (FPV), exploring the real-world applications of drones. Campers will learn basic piloting skills, construct an obstacle course to fly through, and stage a final race to showcase their cumulative knowledge. Using the Engineering Design Process, put critical thinking to a test, build your dream aircraft or hovercraft, and learn to program your drone to fly the skies and complete various stunts!   $35 lab supply fee.

Mon-Fri        6/07-6/11       Dougherty Station Community Center     9:00am-12:00pm      Act# 11319
Mon-Fri        6/07-6/11       
Dougherty Station Community Center       1:00pm-4:00pm         Act# 9199


3D printing and Minecraft both represent boundless opportunity for creating even our wildest of ideas! In 3D Printing: Minecraft Creations, students will explore the basic concepts of 3D printing and computer-aided design, or CAD, to bring their most awesome Minecraft creation to life! Students will take their Minecraft design out of the world of Minecraft and learn how to extrude it into a 3D model that can then be modified to be printed in 3D.   $50 lab supply fee.

Mon-Fri    6/14-6/18       Iron Horse Teen Center 9:00am-12:00pm          Act# 9434

RobotED: MachineBOTS
Enter the world of machine robots! Join us for a week long adventure building different machines using the new LEGO WeDO 2.0 kit! From a factory scanner to a control fan machines surround us! Learn fundamental engineering and programming concepts with each model and push the boundaries on your creativity! All materials are provided. 

Requires a robotics kit purchase of $65 for the class.  Participants will be able to keep the kit. 

Mon-Fri      6/21-6/25     Amador Rancho Community Center      1:00pm-4:00pm  Act# 9209

Snapology: Stemworks
STEMworks is a camp set out to explore all things STEM/STEAM by doing using projects.  Engineering and design will be accomplished making roller coasters and a remote combat robot they basically build then custom design for their self-expression.  They’ll choose how they want to launch soda in the air with which type of activant.  Like an amazing race, we’ll challenge them to meet each project’s requirements before they can move on.  $30.00 Lab Supply Fee 

Mon-Fri      6/28-7/02          Iron Horse Teen Center             1:00pm-4:00pm                           Act# 9211

City Planning and Civil Engineering

Do you have what it takes to engineer a magnificent city from an inhabitable environment? Come explore how to build a city from the ground up. Crews design essential urban structures, develop processes to purify water and generate their own power. Students use the Engineering Design Process to examine several different types of bridge designs and discover how the forces of tension, compression, bending, torsion, and shear are distributed throughout their structures. $50 lab supply fee.  

Mon-Fri     7/26-7/30         Iron Horse Teen Center               9:00am-12:00pm                        Act# 9225


Snapology:  Stop Motion Animation
Stop motion animation opens up a whole new world of expression for kids.  They’ll learn using everyday objects, clay, LEGO, paper and pencil or color paper to create their own stop motion movies that can be converted into flip books, GIFs and more.  Why is a green screen green?  Most school work can also be converted using this type of expression as well.  All movies can be exported to the email on enrollment.   $25.00 Lab Supply Fee

Mon-Fri     6/28-7/02       Iron Horse Teen Center                  9:00am-12:00pm                        Act# 9210

Incrediflix: Action Stop Motion Flix
Use stop motion tricks to create fires, explosions, and even floods, as your characters can battle it out or work together to save the day in this action packed stop motion class. You'll work in small groups to storyboard, create the action, film, and voice-over these exciting movies. Flix emailed within a month after camp ends.  There is a $35 production fee paid to the instructor on the first day of class. 

Mon-Fri     7/19-7/23    Amador Rancho Community Center      9:00am-12:00pm                        Act# 9203

Incrediflix: Lego Flix 

Bring Lego worlds to life! We provide the Legos. You provide your imagination. Work in groups to create a Lego set with Lego characters for a stop-motion movie you'll storyboard, shoot, and add voice-overs to. *Flix emailed within a month after program ends.     There is a $35 production fee paid to the instructor on the first day of class. 

Mon-Fri      7/19-7/23           Amador Rancho Community Center          1:00pm-4:00pm          Act# 9204



Learn the Skills to Become a Confident Orator, Writer & Debater
Success comes to those who never give up! Public speaking is all about channeling your knowledge outward in an effective way with practice. Whether you are shy or an outspoken individual, this class will teach kids to be influential in 6 easy steps, with the ability to improve presentation, communication and writing skills. They will gain an understanding of various writing formats along with building a foundation for logical thinking, effective reasoning, and making strong arguments on several debate topics. Learn the life skills to be successful!!

Mon-Fri    7/26-7/30       Iron Horse Teen Center                  1:00pm-4:00pm                            Act# 9224

Be Heard: Youth Empowerment
Students will be given the tools to be empowered when conducting themselves in large social settings and while presenting. We will prepare a speech throughout the program and the students will have the opportunity to present to their peers. Join us to find your voice and Be Heard! 

Wed & Thurs    7/7-7/8       Iron Horse Teen Center                  1:00pm-4:00pm                            Act# 11396

Virtual Online Enrichment Camps

Due to new guidelines we've shifted some of the more popular half day camps online. Take a look below at these fun camps we'll be offering online for the summer. There is limited space so grab your space while you can!


Virtual Camp: AP Computer Science Bootcamp

Heard Advance Placement Computer Science was tough? Want to get a head start? We've got you covered! Learn all the essentials of Java FAST in this bootcamp and get enough practice to be ready to ace the class and the AP test in May! Good for both AP CS A and AP CS Principles (PLTW). remote camp via Zoom. 

Ages: 13/up

 ONLINE CAMP:                JULY 26- 30       12:30pm-3:30pm         Act# 9117