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Bee’s Knees Preschool

School Year 2020/2021 Information
Now Accepting Registration for Session 3 (December 1-February 25)

Preschool is a time to stimulate your child’s natural development encouraging their love learning, Bee’s Knees Programs staff are trained to assist the inquisitive independent minds of young children in a supportive caring environment. Our curriculum integrates learning into children's play, with both supported child-directed and teacher-guided activities. Our program supports learning foundations of local school districts common core standards. Our goal of developing well-rounded lifelong learners is supported through a variety of teaching techniques to enhance individual learning styles, developing critical thinking, math concepts and artistic appreciation. Developmental milestones are achieved through interactive science/ STEM, social emotional and physical fitness curriculum. Language arts, phonics programs are implemented through physical activities and practical fine motor development. We have adopted Zoophonics, Handwriting Without Tears, Mathematics Their Way, and Second Steps as guidelines for our preschool classes.

Bee’s Knees Programs offers a balanced Preschool curriculum with developmentally appropriate practices. Bee’s Knees Programs staff brings a passion for education - Supporting well-rounded, hands-on positive learning experience to create a lifetime love of learning.

Children must meet the age requirement as of December 1, 2020.  Children must be completely responsible for their own bathroom needs. 

Session 3 (Now Open for Registration!)Bee's Knees kids

Ages: 3 & 4 year
$1,836 (Resident) $2,295 (Non-resident)
Location: Dougherty Station Community Center
Monday-Thursday, 12/1-2/25        9:00am-12:00pm        ACT#8267


Bee's Knees Foundational Information      

Program Opportunities for Preschoolers

  • Superior Academic Foundation
  • Theme Based CurriculumBee's Knees kids
  • Introduction to the Zoo-phonics Program
  • Fine Motor and Sensory Development
  • Introduction to Handwriting Without Tears
  • Encouragement of Independence
  • Encouragement of Unique Gifts and Talents
  • Students are encouraged to see themselves as Readers and Writers     


Philosophy and Mission
To provide an exciting and fresh academic approach to a preschool program that is fun and stimulating that gives students the confidence to succeed in any educational setting.

  • High value at a reasonable cost
  • An educational setting where students form the foundations necessary to be ready to learn
  • Educational opportunities to learn preschool foundations in math, language arts, social studies, art, music, science, and physical education
  • Individualized “teachable moments” for each child, based on each child’s individual needscooking
  • Regular parent advisories via email/daily classroom updates
  • Curriculum aligns with Preschool Foundations and Common Core Standards
  • Affordable, Highest-Quality Program Available
  • Artistic Expression and Music Awareness


About the Instructor

Kim Zmarlza Kim Zmarzla has had extensive teaching experience with much of her practice occurring in the East Bay area. She has worked as a lead Preschool teacher for many years and as a Para Professional for children with disabilities in the Dublin Unified School District. She is also an advocate for individuals living with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

Kim’s background is in early childhood education. She has worked with children and their families for over twenty years sharing learning experiences with children, helping them to explore the world around them and to grow intellectually. Kim believes preschool is full of exploration and new experiences for the students and their families. This passion is what drove Kim to move from being a lead Preschool Teacher to taking on the excitement of overseeing all of Happy Scholars.

If you’d like to contact the instructor regarding Bee's Knees Programs, please email her at:

For Questions, please call Youth and Preschool Coordinator Andrew Mendes (925) 973-3200.