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Fun on the Farm

Saturdays from 11am to 2pm

Fun on the Farm Activities are FREE crafts and activities that highlight farm life and the late Victorian era.  These Saturday events are an opportunity to step back into history and enjoy the simple things of life.  
*Special events hosted by the San Ramon Historic Foundation are fee-based programs that require registration and will be indicated as such.


Jun 3             Fun with Bubbles
Come and enjoy a long time favorite activity for children and adults alike! Blow bubbles, make some large ones and watch them blow away in the breeze.

Jun 10           Fans Keep Us Cool
Learn how people kept their cool and how they stored their food before we had an air conditioner or refrigerator. Make your own fan to take home.

Jun 17           Fun with Dad
In honor of Father’s day come to the Farm with Dad.  Make a painted handprint card for the special father figure in your life.

Jun 24          Embroidery
Victorian’s loved to embroider. Come learn some basic embroidery stitches and see what you can create.


Jul 8              Sunflowers come and learn how we use our sunflower stalks in the garden.  Enjoy making a sunflower piece of art and eat a few while you are at it.

Jul 15            Old Fashioned Ice Cream

What goes into making a cool, tasty summertime treat like ice cream? Come learn how simple it is and help turn the crank to make homemade ice cream and then sample this treat.

Jul 22            Farm Chores

Use an old fashioned machine to test your strength hoisting a hale bale and then see how easy it is to use pulleys to help with farm work. Create a piece of wheat weaving art to take home.

Jul 29            Marshmallow Painting

S’mores are a summer favorite and the modern marshmallow was invented around 1850. Come learn the history of this sticky confection and make a fun painting with marshmallows.


Aug 5 Back to School
It’s time to head back to school! Learn what a school day was like in the early 1900’s and practice your penmanship with pen and ink.

Aug 12 Animal Tracks

Look what animals leave behind—tracks! See pictures of animal tracts that you may see at the farm and make an animal track print to take home.

Aug 19 Victorian Lawn Games

Enjoy a leisurely day at the farm learning about and playing two favorite Victorian Games: lawn bowling and croquet.

Aug 26 Ah Shucks!
Come see the rainbow of colors of Indian corn.  Learn how to shuck corn, using the hand and mechanical shucking equipment. Then make a fun craft with the corn kernels.