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San Ramon Summer Camps 2022

General Youth Camps (Not a Part of Camp Central)

San Ramon offers a robust lineup of youth camps each summer.  Some youth camps are hosted at a facility other than Central Park/Iron Horse Middle School Gymnasium, thus are not part of Camp Central all inclusive model. Standalone youth camps do not offer extended care services such as morning care, lunch care and afternoon care.  These youth camps are just as awesome, and may even be located closer to you!  So many options to choose from each week!

The large camp matrix below outlines the camps not part of Camp Central, only.  These camps are hosted at various locations across San Ramon.  Camps include enrichment, sports, performing arts and visual arts.   Take a look below to see what youth camps are available for registration! For pricing and additional details click on the Act# link for each camp.   Information in the camps matrix is best viewed on a PC/desktop computer.  If you are using a tablet or mobile device, we encourage you to view camps on this website:

For Preschool, Teen or Aquatics specific camps click on the associated image tile to take you to those specific pages.
Looking for Camp Central Camps?  Click  the Camp Central title/icon in the left side column.


  Summer Camp 2022 Schedule