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Parks & Community Services

Kathi Heimann
[email protected]
(925) 973-3200

Our Vision

San Ramon Parks and Community Services creates community through people, parks, partnerships, and programs.

 Our Values

San Ramon Parks and Community Services values a positive attitude, innovation and creativity, customer service and satisfaction, maintaining a high quality staff, teamwork, service to the community, lifelong learning, and fun, play, and celebration.

Our Mission

To create community through people, parks, partnerships, and programs we:

Provide Recreational Experiences –Through diverse and innovative programming, the Department offers programs and activities to suit every interest, income, and age level throughout the year in a variety of locations throughout the City. 

Foster Human Development – Parks and Community Services programs and services fosters social, intellectual, physical and emotional development

Promote Health and Wellness – Participation in our many recreational activities improves physical and emotional health.

Increase Cultural Unity – Parks and Community Services strives to increase cultural unity through experiences that promote cultural understanding and cultural diversity.

Facilitate Community Problem Solving – The Parks and Community Services Department staff have skills in facilitation and leadership that can be applied to resolve community problems and issues.

Strengthens Safety and Security – The Parks and Community Services Department provides safe environments for recreational activities through innovative park design and programming specifically to reduce criminal activity.

Strengthen Community Image and Sense of Place – The Parks and Community Services facilities, parks, programs, services, cultural art appreciation and expression, and community events are key factors in strengthening San Ramon’s image and creating community pride.

Support Economic Development – The many award winning parks, facilities, programs and events developed by the Parks and Community Services help attract and retain businesses, residents and visitors to the City.