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Postcard Prose Poem

Our country’s Shelter-in-Place policy has changed our lives these past few weeks.  Doesn’t it seem as if time has slowed down, and we have been isolated forever?  While we are waiting for good news, we can use this time to reach out to the friends and family we miss, via a simple postcard.  Or, write some words of inspiration, and mail it to ourselves!

Here, we are going to take a 5’ X 7” rectangle and fill it with words.  There is no right or wrong or one way to do this.  The postcard prose poem may use regular or prose language, may use the meter and rhyme of poetry, or perhaps hybridize both forms.  Just as COVID-19 knows no boundaries, our imaginations may expand beyond what we believe to be possible.  Here is one example:

Dear Daughters:

Did you ever think we would be separated by so many miles - way beyond six feet- during a national emergency? We are more than distant points on a map, however.We form a triangle, a three-legged stool with incredible stability and balance. Don’t let any news rock you.

Here in San Ramon, the cherries are done blossoming and the valley hills are emerald green and mustard-covered. Our fave restaurants are serving take-out food, so I had Kung Pao tofu in your honor. (Don’t worry about your Easter eggs; I already ate them.)

Stay well, stay strong, stay home!

Love, Mom

Click here for a postcard prose poem template, or draw your own!

Create Bravely,

Jenyth Jo
City of San Ramon Poet Laureate