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Conversation on the 4th of July

(Recited on July 4, 2019 at the 4th of July Celebration Concert)

To “Liberty Enlightening the World”


From California to New York City

Stretch bridges, statues and states

From the span of the Golden Gate

I look east toward the Statue of Liberty.


If I could take the ferry from Battery Park

And pilgrimage to her island perch

Cruising around her light at dark

The soul of America I would search.


Or journey to her during the day

Joining hundreds of others with stretched neck

What has she seen, what would she say

If she could take a rest from her deck

And talk to me for just a sec?


“If She Could Speak”


France shipped me across the Atlantic sea

Bertholdi created and crated his gift

For Americans whose foundation wouldn’t shift

I took a stand for Liberty.


I look out on the Manhattan skyline

At night, a sea of twinkling lights

People ferry to me – they have leisure time

I salute my veterans who visit the sights


My torch points the way to a future

My eyes see left and right unite

My foot is raised to move forward

I seek unity, not uniformity, not a fight.


I am the beacon of freedom; you see

When copper ages it greens like new spring

My hope for my nation rises each morning

For my country cares for liberty

And I stand for it.