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By Summertime
By Jenyth Jo

If we look carefully,
the hints are all there.
Bollinger Canyon cherry trees
have dropped their blossoms
and are leafing out, as they should.

Manicured lawns of Central Park
are ready for soccer teams and art festivals.
Our firemen run laps around Iron Horse,
the park, and the beautiful baseball field,
waving to other first responders and the dog walkers.

Unimaginable how traffic has decreased
while our slowing lives leave time to create memories:
the Scooter Crew has another member!
He’s three now, riding older brother’s wheels.
Dad had time to paint the blue scooter red.

Older brother takes off his new bike’s training wheels
Mom cheers for them as she pushes the stroller.
The family glides by and waves as I sew
another PPE in the kitchen.  From my window
I watch and wait for my “New Day” yellow rose
to bloom.

Strange how a cloth mask centers our lives.